Kendra Mogck

Learning Design Specialist at RVS

Chris Fenlon-MacDonald

Provincial Education Coordinator Ever Active Schools 

Lea Wiens

Community Connections Lead at Sport for Life

Theresa McIsaac

Health Promotion Coordinator at AHS

Michelle Deen

SPARK Learning at Rocky View Schools 

Susan Parker

Principal at Elizabeth Barrett Elementary School 

Melanie Hamilton

West Side Equipment Resources and Lending Lead 

Heather Nusl

West Side Assessment Lead 

Andrew Spelrem

West Side Professional Learning Lead 
  • Teacher at Banded Peak School
  • email:
  • Contact support of Banded Peak, Elbow Valley and Springbank Middle

Tasha Royer

West Side Media Resource Lead 
  • Teachers at Elizabeth Barrett Elementary School
  • email:
  • Contact to Elizabeth Barrett, Manachaban and Westbrook