The "Grazing" Rule

verb (used without object)grazed, grazing.

1. to feed on growing grass and pasturage, as do cattle, sheep, etc.

2. Informal. to eat small portions of food, as appetizers or the like, in place of a full-sized meal or to snack during the course of the day in place of regular meals

I recently went into a classroom that had the “grazing” rule. Students we allowed to have VEGETABLES on their desk at all times; along with water. This simulates the idea that animals graze on grass, and helps encourage healthy snacking! Veggies, rather than fruits, work best for grazing, as they are less of a mess (no peels, seeds, cores, etc) and they have less sugar than fruit! As a grazer myself, I LOVE this idea, and hope to see it more often in classrooms!