What is Orienteering???

Orienteering involves mostly running or walking to find your way  through varied terrain such as forests or city parks.

Participants navigate to a series of checkpoints marked on a map. The goal is to find each point, and if you are competitive, to do so as quickly as you can. Orienteering is perfect for anyone seeking to add some outdoor adventure to their life. It is super fun because of the  cognitive aspect of navigating, route finding and decision making, which always brings a new perspective. Anyone can participate regardless of experience, ability  or age and it is very family oriented.  

At the same time the  Orienteering is  a  challenging sport for runners or adventure racers with a competitive edge.The sport of Orienteering started in Scandinavia over a hundred years ago and has since spread throughout the world with international events and established  Word Championships.

A map, a forest and you.  What could be better?

In the Calgary and Edmonton area there are existing well developed,  school programs available provided by the local Orienteering Clubs.