Go Outside

Rainbow Ice Tower Inquiry

Get kids outside and exploring science while moving! Here is a fun activity for ALL elementary science classes! Works great in every season!

Applicable Science Outcomes:

General Learner Outcomes: Science Inquiry and Attitudes

  • Grade 1: Senses
  • Grade 2: Liquids, Buoyancy, Hot and Cold Temperatures
  • Grade 3: Testing Materials and Design
  • Grade 4: Waste and our World
  • Grade 5: Weather Watch and Wetlands
  • Grade 6: Evidence and Investigation

What to do:

Prep your tower

Depending on level, gather various bits and pieces. Using a tall vase, layer the ice by adding 3/4 cup of water, added about ¾ cups of random bits, and place it in the freezer for a few hours. Remove and add your second layer to freeze. Repeat with water and bits until your vase is full. To remove, run vase under warm water and hold upside down.

Extract and Learn

Once your ice tower is free, bring it outside and get kids to use eyedroppers, salt, paintbrushes and squeezy bottles with water. Have them extract the items as well as they can and imagine what they might be!

Added physical activity, have students do some sort of movement for each type of item they extract! (example: 3 jumping jacks for each red bead)


Adapted to fit curriculum from www.funathomewithkids.com