Rob the Nest

Game by Kenzie and Kylie

Grade Level

Best for grades 3 to 6


  • Hula Hoops
  • Balls of varying sizes


Inside or Outside


  • As you get into higher grades move the hula hoops farther away
  • You can use any type of item in the middle
  • The way the students have to take the item back can change (dribble soccer ball, stick handle a puck, etc.)


  1. You will get into teams of 4
  2. When the person says go one person will run from each team to the middle and grab a ball out of the hula hoop in the centre of the space
  3. Once the person tags off you will repeat until all the balls are out of the circle
  4. Then you will go to other people’s teams nest and grab their balls from their hula hoop
  5. After 15-20 minutes your teacher will say “STOP” then you will count how many balls you have
  6. The team with the most balls win!!!!!


  1. You can only take one ball at a time
  2. No body contact
  3. Only one person on each team gone at a time