What is Action?



Forms of Action

It’s important to think critically and creatively about how you can take action – it doesn’t just have to be something that you DO


A is for Action – click this link to check out a collection of videos demonstrating different forms of action

Check out Imagination’s video for some ideas on what other kids around Canada are doing to take action, and make our world a better place!

Here’s one school’s explanation of their action and the process of Exhibition

Remember to keep it simple!



Take a look at some of these examples of how kids have taken action on an issue they are passionate about:

1 thought on “What is Action?

  1. Teiha

    I think that the videos showed that you need to have a good presentation and not a presentation that the people do not understand what you are talking about. A good presentation is where you have all of your information organize and not scattered all over the place and your presentation is simple and not one big panic.


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