Pre-Exhibition Prep

– Have a list of topics or issues that you are interested in exploring for Exhibition (You need to have more than one idea – be open minded!). By the end of the week, you are expected to have narrowed down your possibilities to your top 3. From those 3 options, the teachers will connect you with other students who also expressed an interest in one of your topics. That will become your group for Exhibition. Things to consider when thinking about topics or issues that you may want to research:

  • Think about the “So What” of your topic – is it worth researching and investigating in depth? Is it a problem or and issue?
  • Does your issue have local, as well as global significance? If someone from another country was to hear your Exhibition presentation, would they have some background understanding about it?
  • Is your topic or issue actionable? Can you DO something to improve it, make it better, spread the word for a cause?
  • Will you be able to express and communicate your knowledge and passion for your topic in a creative way?
  • Is it something that you know you will be able to commit a large amount of time to learning about or do you think you may lose interest shortly after you start?
  • Is it YOUR passion or interest? Or is it your friends’? Make sure you are choosing topics or issues for yourself – not because your friends are doing it.

– Central Idea creation. Focusing on our theme of Who We Are, the grade 5’s will come up with a Central Idea for their Exhibition. We will start by working in class groups to brainstorm and create different possibilities for the Central Idea. Once each group has decided on their best Central Idea, they will present it to their class. Within each class, the students will then vote on the top Central Idea from the possibilities that were presented. Once all three classes have voted on their top pick for Central Idea, those 3 finalists will be shared for the whole grade 5 group to vote on. The Central Idea with the most votes for being the strongest statement for our Exhibition, will be the Central Idea for the unit of inquiry.