Mar 5 – 9

Week 1

Tuning in – Defining our inquiry

– Pre-Exhibition, Self-assessment surveys on Approaches To Learning (Transdisciplinary Skills), Attitudes toward learning and the Attributes of the Learner Profile

– Beginning discussions about roles, responsibilities and elements that will allow for you to be successful in Exhibition. This will include:

  • Establishing Essential Agreements as a class
  • Review student responsibilities in the Student Guidebook
  • Review expectations of Academic Honesty and sign the student contract

– Establishing lines of inquiry and generating your research questions using the Key Concepts as your guide.

– Discussing and brainstorming ideas for what action can look like. Since our unit is Who We Are, it is expected that you will be more creative in how you will present your information and take action. Fundraising, brochures for awareness, re-printed posters, prizes for give-aways are off limits!

– Reflection. Blogging about and reflecting on your week at least once is a requirement. Your teacher will provide you with some possible reflection prompts for your blog. Remember! Visuals are always a great way to draw readers in to what you have to say. Post pictures of your work (brainstorming map for topics, Central Idea creation, etc…) to supplement your reflection.


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