Mar 26 – 29

Week 4

Selecting my sources – Going further with my questions and research

Week 4 sees you continuing:

– Research: gathering your information, thinking of people you can connect with to interview, ask questions, get opinions and different perspectives. Incorporating new questions that have popped up as you explore your topic to go even deeper.

– Action planning – thinking about the “So What? Now What?” – firming up possible plans for action

– Beginning to tune into Who We Are through our presentations – be creative in how you will present your topic to your audience. Go beyond your comfort zone of a poster or a trifold, extend your creativity! Push yourself to consider something unique or different – something maybe you haven’t ever done before Think about:

  • What are some different forms of artistic expression that I could use to convey my message?
  • What makes a clear, interesting, engaging presentation that will draw people in (something that catches their eye and attention!)

– Set realistic goals for yourself. Set one small goal, and once you achieve it, move on to the next step in that small goal. For example:

  • I have collected at least 50 note facts (record your sources as you go!!)
  • I have collected at least 75 note facts (record your sources as you go!!)
  • I have collected 100 or more note facts (record your sources as you go!!)
  • I have used at least 1 primary source for my research
  • I have used at least 3 secondary sources for my research

– Reflection. Blogging about and reflecting on your week at least once is a requirement. Your teacher will provide you with some possible reflection prompts for your blog. Remember! Visuals are always a great way to draw readers in to what you have to say. Post pictures of your work (sources you’re using for research, action shots of your work or ideas, etc…) to supplement your reflection. *** Remember to reflection on your Exhibition goals.

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