Mar 13 – 16

Week 2

Defining and Decision making – Sorting out our thoughts and plans for our inquiry

– Continue work on developing your lines of inquiry and generating your research questions, using the key concepts as your guide for your questions. It is required that you have at least 1 research question per key concept.

– Sort out rubrics or assessment criteria as a class so everyone understands how they will be evaluated during the process of Exhibition

– Meet with your mentor for the first time. This will give you a chance to get to know each other and for you to explain your topic or issue to your mentor so they have a better understanding about why you chose it. Mentors could help you:

  • Finalize your lines of inquiry
  • Generate your research questions using the key concepts as a guide
  • Brainstorm possible field trips, connections with primary sources, guest speakers, people to interview, secondary sources to seek out.

– Continue to discuss and brainstorm what action could look like. Use the key concept questions below to help you think about and reflect on how you could possibly take action, or what it could look like

Download (PDF, 52KB)

– Reflection. Blogging about and reflecting on your week at least once is a requirement. Your teacher will provide you with some possible reflection prompts for your blog. Remember! Visuals are always a great way to draw readers in to what you have to say. Post pictures of your work (brainstorming map for topics, Central Idea creation, etc…) to supplement your reflection. *** Remember to reflection on your Exhibition goals.

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