Collaboration and Teamwork

Create Effective Teams!

In order to be successful in your Exhibition, it’s important to remember the importance of teamwork. Exhibition is not about working in “Friendship” groups – meaning that your topic selection shouldn’t be based on what your friends are doing. It should be based on what YOU are passionate about. You will likely not be working with your friends, and that’s OK! Follow your own passion, branch out from the comfort of working with your friends. If you are not passionate about what they want to work on, Exhibition will not be a success for you. What’s important is that you are working with a group that is similarly passionate about the topic or issue at hand. That is what will create an effective team. There are plenty of other times and opportunities to work with your friends. Exhibition may not be one of those times!



You will find, at times, during the Exhibition process that you will get into disagreements with other people in your group. In order to work through the conflicts in a timely and respectful manner, it’s important to take steps to problem solve so that everyone feels heard, respected and so that you can come to a compromise together so you can get back to work as an efficient group. Follow the steps to resolving conflict below:

Conflict Corner

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