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Week #6 Reflection

  1. I found putting the sentences into my own words and it was hard. Because I didn’t know how to do it so I got help. Then I did it with help and now I can do it.

   2) the TD skills are important throughout the process of exhibition. Because u will need to use them in the future. Also they are very helpful in many ways.

 3). Exhibition inspires me to take action because I will find out about the bad thing that are happening and try to stop it. Also show other kids about what’s happening in the world.

Week #7 Reflection

Exhibition provides us with … that we can work with kids from other classes. Also we get to use lots of our TD skills to help us. We can also learn new things and we get to use the skills we need in the future.

Something that people may not know about exhibition is… the thing someone may not know is that you get to work. With different people from different classes and u get to learn different things. About your topic you don’t even know.

Achieving my goal has gone great so far because I’ve talked to my group about my ideas. Also it’s very easy now that I talk to my group a lot so now I am used to it. But I think that I need a new goal because I think I achieved.

SH Final Reflection

My biggest struggle during exhibition was rewriting sentences in my own words. I overcame it because I got help.

My goal of sharing my ideas with my group was achieved because I told my group about what I thought

The most important thing was getting all of your info down and get it all right. What was interesting was not really anything because I didn’t find anything that interesting.

If I could experience Exhibition again I would probably stay on task more.

What have I learned about myself since being involved in exhibition is that Messi donates lots of money to unicef I know this because I researched it.

SH Week #5 Reflection

Exhibition is important because then in the future we will have more experience with the presenting, and with all of the skills we have to use.


We do exhibition because it will be really helpful in the future. Because you will have to use all the transdisciplinary skills and exhibition is just to prepare you.


Some of the skills I used throughout the process of exhibition were Thinker I used thinking skill when I was trying to come up with the questions and research, I also used self management skills most of the time but sometimes I am of task.

Week reflections

I found putting sentences into my own words hard because I had to find synonyms for a lot of words and make it make sense. I found researching hard because I had to find good information and put it into my own words. I found it hard to answer the questions because I had to research and find what it meant.


The TD skills I used were social skills because I talk to my group. I also used communication skills because I shared my ideas. I used research skills because I researched what things meant and other stuff.


Exhibition inspired me to take action because all the research I found and other stuff. It also does because some people can’t afford sports or play them.


Exhibition is important because people in the school can learn lots of facts and other stuff. So they could get all the research they need.


We do exhibition because people get to go to learn things they want to learn. So they could learn about stuff.


The skills I used in exhibition were communication because I talk a lot. Social because I share my ideas.


We made a football, a basketball, a soccer ball and a hockey stick. I made a poster of a human that had a heart, lungs, bones, veins and arteries because sports help them.

Chasetin, Nahid and I had to read research while Sartaj was making an Olympic medal. It was a challenge to make the clay sport stuff because it kept getting crushed and falling apart. We had to read the research and remember five things that sports help.


I’m proud that I actually got through exhibition because it was so long and boring. I’m proud of the art piece I made for exhibition because I didn’t know it would look good.

I’m proud of reading the research and actually remembering it.


It was challenging to get through exhibition because it was really hard and boring.

It was challenging remembering all my research because there was so much. It was challenging to put sentences into my own words because there was so many words I had to search.


FEEDBACK from Exhibition

I think the one above this text is a good and very positive because  I do believe that we did  acknowledge  and make the crowd feel a part of  our station and that makes me feel that our group did a good job  during expiration and I will cherish that.

One of the  Comments from 3s was -showed a lot of  courage to present their  information and for the most part it look like they worked well in there group-this was a  positive comment.


Final Reflection- interviews

Explain who you interviewed and why you chose them. I chose Ted-Jan boleman because me and my mom have some  Contacts with some people and one of   recently won a gold medal for they Olympics and me and my mom  thought it would be prefect and so I did  interview him.

What was it like to interview people. It was a very cool  experience and and I didn’t know what to expect and I was really  nervous but it went smooth and I had fun  while doing it.

what was challenging about it. It was challenging  memorizing all of the information because there was a lot of really good information and I thought that some of  questions were not needed but some were, I had to narrow it down and I did but that is what I found  challenging.

Why is it important to interview people. I think that it is important to interview people because they are  experts on what they’re doing and to get the  chance to interview them and get great information is really good and that is why it is important to Interview people.

What did you gain from interviewing people. What I Gained wei gain the was some  really good information and  possibly some good information and  maybe some information that will help you latter on in life and that is what I  gained from my interviews.