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Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

My name is Porter and I have a few things to tell you about Exhibition. The Grade 5 Exhibition Central Idea is: Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community, and my topic was Poverty.

Exhibition was very stressful and scary, it was stressful because the topic was studying was Poverty and it wasn’t even in my top 3 of choices, so I didn’t want to do Exhibition. It was scary because I didn’t want this topic so I didn’t want to do anything but I realized that my partner wasn’t able to do Exhibition by herself so we weren’t going to finish, so I decided to help out.

A piece of advice I have is even if you don’t get the partner or the topic you want don’t give up and try your hardest to succeed and it will be perfectly fine.

Another piece of advice I have is when you think your done read over your information use your time wisely and get more information and then your presentation will be great.

Finally my last piece of advice is have fun, work hard, collaborate with your partner, have a great time, and when your presenting enjoy the moment.

I hope you find this advice helpful, and good luck with Exhibition.



Kind Regards Porter

Porter Final Reflection

My biggest challenge during Exhibition was communicating with my partner because she didn’t care about anything I did or said so I didn’t talk to her. I overcame this by letting her think and do what she wanted to do and if it’s not what I wanted to do I talk to her nicely and she started caring and we did really well communicating together.

My goal of organizing and collecting data was achieved. Evidence of this was having a bunch of docs to collect the data and all the key concepts because it organized our questions so they were easy to get to.

The most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition was getting to share our knowledge with others because you get to inform people with these world problems and they then get to help to.

If I could experience Exhibition again I would hope to get a different topic because Poverty wasn’t even in my top three of choices and still got it and I didn’t really have much fun doing Exhibition because of the topic.

What I have learned about myself since being involved in Exhibition is that I can do something even if I don’t get the topic I want. I know this because I definathly didn’t want this topic but I worked hard and got through it.

Final Blog Post

I am most proud of finishing the hole exhibition process because it was very stressful. Also it was hard to finish our research so I’m proud we finished it. Finally I’m proud of myself and my partner for doing what I think was a great presentation.

What was challenging was staying on task and doing our research. Staying on task because it was jammed in the grade 5 wing so there was groups every where so if they were off task then they got us destructed and off task. Also research because it was such a long period of time and with us sometimes being off task it was sometimes even harder.

It was an amazing experience because me and Emma went to the Calgary Dream Centre and called the YWCA and the Calgary Transit which was also really neat. At the Calgary Dream Centre we got to meat Jenna and her assistant Vince and we got a tour of the place it was Awesome. The YWCA is the same company as the Calgary Dream Centre but only for women, children, and families. The Calgary Transit gives away monthly passes for people who don’t have transportation or they just want a pass.

It’s important to interview people because you can get lots of valuable awnsers for your topic. Also it’s important because you get to meet new people and have fun. It’s also just a really neat experience.

I gained a lot from Exhibition got to work with someone I have never worked with before. Also I gained more presentation skills.

Week 8 Reflections

Me and Emma made a poster and it said Dream Big with cotton balls around it for a cloud. Around the we drew all the things people who live in Poverty might dream for.
( Quality education, health, transportation, affordable housing, jobs, and healthy and clean food and water.)

For our display we are on the T.V by the grade two doors. The reason we are over there is because we made a website and we want to project it on a T.V. On the table were going to have Dream Centre pamphlets that I got when we were there. We are also going to have a clothing rack for our action and of course our creative piece.

We have organized things really well we have put all our research and things in pacific folders. We have put all our posters and everything else in a pacific spot to find it easily.

Reading our info is hard because we have a lot of research and it takes so long to read and it’s then really boring.

Rehearsing has gone really well presenting to each other and other people has really helped. I think our presentation is going to go really well.

Our mentor has been such a great help he got us through the tough times and he motivated us threw all the way to this point so I want to thank him.

Week reflection #5

Exhibition is important because… to learn more things about the world and all of us. We do it to learn about our topics you will be interested. to learn about things you have never learned .

We do exhibition because… When you do your presentation they will be interested and try to help others. Because we have to learn how to do research and learn about the world.

Some of the skills I used throughout the process of Exhibition were… curiosity because I am Interested in poverty.



Week 1 reflections

Describe what are your main ideas/focus that have come out of your discussion this week (2-3) sentences.

i’m excited for?

i am excited for meeting our mentor because she is from a university called Ambrose I am so excited to meet her.

I hope

i hope I learn about it lots and I hope the mentor helps use out and we get a good mark.

this is important to me because?

this is important because it is happening all around the world and it is really sad and I what them to have happy life.

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Week One Reflections

Describe what are your main ideas/focus that have come out of your discussion this week (2-3) sentences.

I want to focus on finding out things about my topic and having fun with my partner. Also I want to meet my mentor and have fun with them too.

I’m excited for-meeting our mentor because I’ve never met them before and they are from Ambrose Universitie and I really help us out.

I hope we get good research from our mentor and online and keep having fun.

this is important to me because I really think it’s a problem that needs to be solved and I really think Emma and I can alarm people about so if they can help if they want too.

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