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Dear future grade five students

Dear grade 5 students


My name is Mostafa. The central idea of who we are is society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community.  My topic is preventions and solutions to air pollution. I chose this topic because I chose this topic because I wanted you see different ways to prevent air pollution. This letter is to let you know what exhibition Is about, and suggestions.


One piece of advice I could give you, is to work well with your group. If you don’t work well with your group you will always get into arguments. That could so you down by a lot.


Second piece of advice is don’t get off task.Time flies bye and when you waste time You always think you have all the time in the world but you don’t.


Third piece of advice is don’t talk to other groups. If you talk to other groups is getting your group and other groups off task.


I hope this letter helps. Don’t forget work well with your group, don’t get off task,or talk to other groups.


Best wishes,


Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hi my name is Alexis. Our central idea was Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was Preventions And Solutions to Air Pollution. I choose my topic because I have always wondered what are some preventions and solutions to air pollution. In this letter I will be giving you some advice about Exhibition.

My first piece of advice is to stay on task. It is very important to stay on task because if your whole group is not on task then you will never get any work done. Whenever my group was off task we would not get any work done one day and then we would have to do tons of work the next day.

My next piece of advice is to get along with your group members. It is very important to get along with your group members because if you are arguing with your group members the whole time you will never get any work done. For example my group would argue sometimes and then we would end up not getting any work.

My final piece of advice is to cite your sources. It is very important to cite your sources because then you will have to go back and find out where you got your information from which will take up time you could be doing other important things like researching. My group had that problem and we ended up having to go back to find out where we got our information from which took up time we could have been researching.

I hope this letter helps you through your Exhibition journey. Remember to always stay on task, get along with your group members, and always cite your sources the first time.



EW Final blog post

My biggest challenge during Exhibition was the research. I overcome it by keeping myself together. Mr. Walton printed off the information. I worked hard, and highlighting the information.

My goal of using thinking skill was achieved. I did my interview with a little bit of help. I made a carpool poster.

The most important aspect of Exhibition was the Showcase because I got to tell people what I learned about my topic. I shared about Chestermere carpooling.

If I did Exhibition again I would do more interviews because I learned a lot about hybrid and electric cars.

During Exhibition I have learned that when I work hard and stay on task I can get a lot of work done. I know this because I wrote about carpooling.

Final Reflection – Alexis

What is the biggest challenge you faced during Exhibition?

The biggest challenge I faced during Exhibition was answering my research questions because when I went to one website it did not give me much information and it was sort of back and forth. For example when I went to one website it had no information at all but when I went to another website it gave me a bit of information.

How do you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

One solution to that problem was one weekend I went online and I found a lot of good websites. For example when I went home one weekend and went on my laptop with my mom and found some websites that  gave me lots of information. Another solution to my problem was a interview because he gave me lots of information about my research questions. For example I interviewed a guy named Ronald Papp and he is part of a wind turbine program and he gave me six paragraphs of information about my topic.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved and Exhibition?

One thing I have learned about myself since being involved in Exhibition is that I can get very frustrated when people are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. For example when we were on our last week of research the other people in my group were fooling around so it was very frustrating and hard to get them back on task.

Most important,  interesting or meaningful thing you learned during exhibition? Why?

The most important, meaningful and interesting thing that I learned was probably that there is a lot of wind in Alberta so wind power will be very successful if we actually take the time to install and pay for them. For example if the Canadian government the Chestermere MLA and the Minister of Alberta Energy work together they can make Alberta have lots of wind turbines which will be way better for the enviorment.

What suggestions would you like to give the students who will work through exhibition next year?

One piece of advice that I want to give the new grade fives is to stay on task because it may seem long but it actually flies by. For example when you were working if you are fooling around you will never get your work done which will affect your showcase big time.

What was your goal and how did it go?

My goal is to not worry about other people and just worry about myself. I think I did an okay job on it because I sort of was telling them to stay on task a lot and what to do. For example if I was working and they would get of task I would say “ guys c’mon we have lots of work to do stay on task” and it felt like a had to do that a lot.




Final reflection

The biggest challenge I faced in exhibition was the reasearch because when you found the reasearch you have toput in your own words. Then if your supervisor doesn’t except it it makes ten times harder.

I over came this chalange by getting a whole bunch of reasearch at once. Then I would put all that reasearch in my own words. This helped a lot because it would only decrease my amount of reasearch by a little.

I learned that you can communicate with every one. Also you don’t have to be friends with pacific people.

The interesting part of exhibition to me was the showcase. I in joyed the showcase most because you got to share all your information about your topic.

I would change writing questions for your self to answer. Because I thought should  just get information.

I would give one piece of information to next years students. I would say trust your group members.

Feedback Reflection – Alexis

I think that I achevied having tons of different perspectives because when we were doing our presentation I talked about some different options for wind energy. For example I said that some people think that wind turbines ruin beautiful landscape and some people think that  wind turbines look better than mountains. I think that I did a good job of talking loud because talking louder was our feedback from the grade fours and I noticed a big difference in my voice. For example when we were presenting to the grade fours I was very quiet and they could barely hear me and during the adult presentation I was louder and they could hear me.


I think I did not achieve being relaxed and slow down because I was really nervous so I just wanted to talk really fast so that I could be done the presentation so that I could take a few seconds to calm down before the next presentation. For example I would talk really fast and then the presentation would be over so I could calm down before the next one.

This is a post on my group and I feel like we did achieve this because we do did give a lot of options for people to decrease air pollution.  The other reason I think we achieved this goal is that I think I maybe inspired some people.

I think I achived this goal because I built coal burning power plant.


I feel like I didn’t achieve this because I was nervous.

Week 7 reflection

Exhibition provides us with lots work and I have to do more work.

Something that people might not know about Exhibition is that it is not that hard. I have to my help group.

Achieving my goal of Thinking skill was good.