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Feedback form exhibition

I chose this one because we explained a lot when we were presenting and we learn a lot so we whanted to explain a lot of the stuff we learned.

I chose this one because I When we where doing the kids I wasnt talking loud enough because then kept coming closer but with tha adult they weren’t doing that.


chose this one because I am a part of the social media group.

Final reflection – interviews

We interviewed a girl named Gillian storey she is miss. Lederers friend and we interviewed her because she did the ice bucket challenge so we interviewed her and some questions like we did you do and stuff.

We also interviewed a police because one of our key concept questions where about distracted driving.

When we interviewed the to people input was kind scary and weird I would rather talking in person I don’t know why but I just would feel more comfortable talking in person.

It was a challenge because when I would talk I would talk pretty loude and he would still say sorry what? When we interviewed the police.

It is important to interview people because they could know some thing you didn’t know and then you could use that information like we did for exhibition.

When I interviewed those too people I gained lots of information for me then and I learn stuff that I didn’t know befor.


I am proud of…

I am proud that I was talking loudI am proud that I was speaking loud and I didn’t forget what I was talking about when we where talking to the grad 4. When I get nervous I forget. When they had to write on the paper there were only good comments on it! I also am proud of how our artistic piece turned out and I really like it. It really dose look like a phone from my perspective.

ES Final Blog Post

I am proud of what we accomplish.  My partner and I did a lot. We finished our essential agreement, we came up with lots of questions, then we finished are research, then we had to remember all of are information and then we had to Exhibition. We did all of that we were just were we had to be.

Something that was challenging was that we had to keep on editing are research. So we thought we were done but we really weren’t. So we kept on having to go and see again.

It was scary and fun. It was scary when we were talking to people. It was fun talking and learning new stuff.

It is important because it is your main sorce of information we got have of are information from interviews.

I gained how to research better. I know how to edit stuff and also how to present information to people’s.

Week 7 reflection

Our plans for our actions are to do a cougar news which we already did and we also are going to make a big phone and maybe the social media logos.

We haven’t decided how we were going to set up our stand but what I was kinda thinking we would get too desks and we might try to make a  card board stand thing to right our topic on then we would set up the phone and stuff and apps and have a few fact around about our topic.

The biggest struggle in exhibition has been finding interviews because you can’t just find some one that is addicted to social media and interview them but we found to people to interview.

I over came by asking our mentor if she could find some people and she did she found too and that was good so I wasn’t stressed about trying to find one.

What I found out about me was that I could work a lone for about a week and it was hard but easy I didn’t need any help when erleen was gone and it was kinda bad fun working a long but still like to do stuff in groups or in partners.

People should come over to our exhibition stand because they can learn how to be safe on social media and it will probably help all the people that go  on social media and get addicted to it.

Some attitudes that I used were commitment because I committed t9 erleens ideas. Respect I respect erleens ideas too. Cooperation I cooperat when erleen Ehnes me to do some thing I cooperate and do it. Curious I was curious when we had to do the research and had to do the questions. Creative I am creative because we had to think what and how we were going to do our action.

I used thinker when we had to do the research and think how and what we are going to do for our action. I also youse Communication because I had to talk to my partner for our action and our research.


Week 6 reflection- Kaia

What have I done so far

What I have done  so far is have another interview with a police and it whent well. Some other things I have done is add to some of our questions to make them better. I also have  looked at some more things to do for our action.

how do I feel things are going

I feel like things are going good because I know what I’m working on so I don’t need any help asking people what I’m suppose to do. It is a little hard tho because erleen is not hear. I also feel things are getting herder too because it really hard to find the answers to some of our question.


Exhibition week five reflection

What was challenging in the process? Some thing that was challenging was siteing our sources and trying to find sites for our questions because we had to keep going on to lots of different sites to find the right information to answer our question.

What TD skills are important thourgh the process? I used communication skills because I had to talk to Erleen so she could help me find so information for our questions. I also used research skills because I had to go on many different sites to help me find the answer to  the questions. The last skill I used is thinking skills because we had to think how we where going to do stuff and who was going to do what questions.

how does exhibition inspire you to take action? Exhibition inspired me to take action by doing interviews and we are taking action by if a group beside us and they are being loud then we ask is they can be quite or we just mover some where else.

I think that exhibition is going good because we have all of our questions answered with 4-5 sentences. So far we have interviewed 1 person over the phone. On Monday we will be interesting a cop and we whant to do it in person this time.