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M.R Final reflection

My biggest challenge during exhibition was putting the sentences in my own words because we had so many paragraphs to put in our own words. An example is at the start of exhibition we thought research was going to be easy so we found a website that had a lot of information so we copied the information but we didn’t know we were supposed put the information into our own words.

My goal of doing more thinking was not achieved. Evidence of this is I was very off task most of the time and I didn’t do much thinking. One example is exhibition I didn’t do that good and sounded very unprofessional because some of the questions people asked I would answer and then if someone asked the same questions one of my partners would act like he knew what they were saying but then when they asked it deeper he didn’t know what to say.

The most important aspect of exhibition was the social and communication skills because when me and my partners were talking about exhibition we got to learn more like say I didn’t know something and my partner told me about it would expand my knowledge about what every they were talking about.

If I could experience exhibition again I would do my topic differently because I felt like I already knew too much about my topic so if could I would pick something about why terrorists do what they do.

What I have I learned about myself since being involved in exhibition is that the internet has expanded a lot I know this because when we interviewed Best Buy they told us that there supporting people who had viruses on the computer ratio has expanded from the last couple of years.

Final reflection

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?

My biggest challenge is when my exhibition teacher made me put all of my reaserch into my own words it gave me stress


How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

I basically took a 5 minute brake every 30 minutes to calm my mind and not be streesed so when I start working again I won’t be that stressed.


What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?

I have learned that i have good leadership skills and I also learned that I’m a communicator because when my group is off task and I am telling my group to work.


What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?

I really liked how at the end we just give out all of our info to our parents the teachers and the kids because then when the kids get older and do exhibition they might do our topic and they have a lot of info.


What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again?

I would maybe be more on task sometimes beacause sometimes we were of task and did no work at all.


What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?

Some advice I would like to give you guys are that don’t waist your time on talking with other groups because if you are talking with other groups you waist there time and your own time so don’t.

FEEDBACK from Exhibtion

Me and my group needed to work on it with this because when my group did the TED Talk we didn’t speak loud enough and for sure we had to work on it.


I agree with this because we didn’t have a lot of information in our research facts but it started to grow every week and we did well


I make a agreement with this because next year we are going to middle school and we are gonna more stuff about the world and more.

Final reflection – Interview

Why did I choose to interview other companies?

i did a interview to RCMP and Best Buy. The reason why I interviewed RCMP is because RCMP is our Canadian police officers that has their responsibility to solve problems for our lifetime. And I interviewed Best Buy because they sell technology, and can show how you need to take care on your device and when they buy it the company gives instructions for you to be safe on your device.

What was it like to interview people?

I was getting nervous because I was speaking to a employee. But my group wasn’t scared of speaking to them because they were brave enough to do it. I felt like they would not I was not loud enough.

What was challenging about it?

to not mess up while having a conversation with different people because it will feel embrassing some people will laugh at you or something like that. I did was hold up the question to my group and they would say it to the other person.

Why is it important to interview people?

because you need to give information to the expert, that knows what you need to do with safety so you know what to do to be knowledgeable to other people if they need help.

When did you gain from interviewing people?

i got was a lot of ideas from RCMP and Best Buy because I know that safety is NUMBER ONE and sometimes I have to take care of what I need to do with my devices, and sometimes things can go wrong when I do something that’s not right.

M.R. Final blog post

I am proud of all the work I did in exhibition because if I did nothing I would have gotten terrible marks. Such as if I put nothing into my own words like the big paragraphs I had.

What was challenging was putting my research into my own words because my group put too much research into the document. Like for example we had a huge paragraph I put in my own words.

What was it like to interview people I think interviewing people was ok and bad because some times they didn’t pick up our they never told us anything and sometimes they did.

It was important to interview people because they gave my group a lot more information than we already had. Also they told us a lot of examples too.

What did I gain from this I gained more knowledge about viruses and worms than I already had. Also I learned ways to keep my self safe from viruses.


MR Week 8 Reflection

Here are the things I worked on

Posters. that went pretty well my group did one poster that took us about 2-3 days to work on.

Displays. My group did one display with was a worm that referred to a computer worm but in my opinion the display didn’t go that well.

Organizing. We did pretty good in my opinion because we picked our spot for our presentation and we also did our way we wanted to put up our artwork.

Reading info. I did really well in read our information I probably read the whole thing 3-4 times so I’d say I know it really well.

Rehearsing. My group rehearsed a lot sometimes at break too we practice a lot of the questions people might ask us.

Mentor thank you. My group did our thank you to our mentor in piccollage my mentor was Mrs. Harold.

Week 7 reflection

What are your plans for action? Doing a slideshow, and a mock TED Talk for how to take care of your account and devices, and to always

What are my plans of showcasing my groups work? We are doing is showing facts about how much can the internet change for different people and communities.

What has been the biggest stuggle so far in Exhibition? It was finishing the research facts, we didn’t know for a long time, and after that we decided to do something else for the key concepts.

How did I overcome it? It was so long since we finished it, Manav said that we completed the research facts, we got surprised from that.

What skills/attitudes/attidudes did I used? Self management skills, because of doing things that we are not allowed to do, but they gave us a chance and we started to do what we are supposed to be doing. For the attitudes I used Creativity, because of fixing words and fixing sentences for the research facts. And the other attitudes I used was Independence, because when Harshan and Manav wasn’t here I showed that I can do it by myself and I knew I couldn’t fool around. What attribute did I use was Principled because in Thursday I did was since Manav and Harshan was talking out loud and I To be quiet because the teacher was there in the boot room.

What did you find out about myself during Exhibition? I found out that I am leading my group a little bit, because of the reason why I was leading was because my group was chatting to each other a lot and I decided to lead the group.

Why should people come to my Exhibition Topic? It matters about the quality sometimes, or catching your eyes, but we are doing is getting not too much things for the Exhibition Topic But we are still trying to make it look good for other people.




Week 7 Reflection

Exhibition provides us with something to learn that we want to learn such as Internet safety. Also something that we can use our social skills with our partners.

Something that people might know about exhibition is we have a short time limit.
We also have the opportunity to pick our topic.

Achieving my goal thinking skills has gone very well in my opinion because I did a lot of thinking in my group. For example when we did our research I did a lot of thinking.