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Last reflections week 12

The biggest struggle of  exhibition is staying on task and  the erase history was really tough.  We had to go through twenty different sits and thinking for good questions.

How did you work to solve or overcome that was a challenge We move away from groups that are not focused and when I un focused I move to a different classroom. Or go for a tiny walk to the water fountain and when we came back we move to a better place and more noticed for a teacher to see us.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?  I have learned my self expression to be more focused and be confident about your self and the topic. I also had my friend in my group and we were good friends at the start now we are best buds.

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?  the most important of exhibition or aspect of interesting is the 9 weeks for two days  and what interesting is how the topics are vary good and lots of  researcher.

What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again I would not do it again because it’s a long time a plus it just for two days and you   Would get silly. And get very unfocused and probably get stressed a lot.

What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?  Beyond task don’t be silly choose a good topic for you and don’t. Hang around friends or else you get silly and get in trouble and get no work done . and if you aren’t around her friends you’ll get work done and it would be easier for you for the rest for the nine weeks .

HM Final Reflection


The biggest challenge during exhibition was getting the research done I overcame it by not giving up and asking our mentor for help

My goal of communication skills was achieved because when we presented to the whole school and the parents I wasn’t nervous and presented it well

The most important thing about exhibition is getting all your research done because if you don’t get it done you can’t present anything and your exhibition is ruined

If I could experience exhibition again I would want to be in a group of 4 or 3 because it’s hard with just 2 people cause if one doesn’t come to school your all alone

I’ve learned about myself I learned that I’ve probably had a concussion before now that I know what it is and how to get one


We presented our information as fun as possible and I presented the brain really well and trey presented the helmets and case studies really good

We tried our best to master Exhibition we hope  it worked

We had a brain made out of clay and eggs in a container so it would attract them

Week 5 reflections


Exhibition is important because we tell people problems or news that is happening in the world that people don’t know about. it’s a big project that is hard so we can learn new things

We do exhibition because some people don’t know what’s going on in the world and need to know an action. The topic also might be important to you.

Some of the skills I used throughout the
Process of exhibition where self management skills because I stayed on task I
And didn’t have to get told to stay on task another skill I used was research skills cause we had to research about our key concept questions. I used social skills cause I had to talk to my group so we can get work done.

HM week 8 reflections

Me and Trey did our poster our poster says (concussions in sports) and has a bunch of sports stuff like footballs soccer balls basketballs and hockey.

We also did our art piece it is a brain made of clay and there’s a skull around the brain.

We couldn’t do the rehearsing because our art kept falling down because it was so heavy so we put like 50 tacks to hold it up and it kept falling so we didn’t have time for rehearsing.

We did our mentor (thank you’s) we couldn’t have done it without Troy our mentor he did pretty much all our research and told us to do when we didn’t know what to do.

Our spot for exhibition night is right beside Mrs McKernon’s classroom cause we already have all our stuff (set up) there.

It was hard to find research because we would go on 10 different websites before we could find the research for the question.

eventually it became easier cause we knew which websites where good and which were bad.

HM week 7 reflection

Exhibition provides us with the chance to work with friends from other classes. It also provides us with learning a lot about a topic

Something that people might not know about exhibition is it’s very hard sometimes and boring. Another thing is exhibition is it is hard because you think your done something but your not even close.

My goal is Doing good because I communicate to my group. I communicated to the people we interviewed. I communicated to our mentor when we were having our meetings

HM week 6 reflection

I found researching some questions hard because we couldn’t find anything for that question.

What TD skills are important throughout this progress of exhibition
Research skills because we have to research thinking skills because we have to think of how to put it in our own words we have to use self management skills because we have to stay on task

How does exhibition inspire you to take action
It inspires me to take action because I play hockey and football and don’t want to get a concussion or my friends to get one

HM final blog post

I’m proud of getting all of it done cause it was really hard sometimes and it was hard to do the research cause we would have to go through like 10 different websites before we would find the information we needed.

The research and when the brain fell down was challenging because we had to make a whole new art piece cause it fell and broke. The research and set up was hard because we had to go through ten different websites before we found what we needed. The set up was hard because we didn’t know how to set it up until the start of exhibition night.

When we interviewed people it was hard to ask them questions cause they gave us really complicated answers that even our mentor couldn’t understand but sometimes they gave us simple answers like for yes or no questions.

It’s important to interview people because they might know things about your topic you don’t and you can get other people perspective on a concussion or your topic. It’s also important cause you can get answer for question you won’t know and they can give you extra information.

I gained knowing about concussion and the effects of them and how to avoid them and I know how to avoid them I gained knowing how to present better in front of people

Week 8 reflections Trey

We have worked on our artists piece and did our poster. We smashed my old helmet for our action  but now we have to fix a little thing, our big brain thing . Now we have to focus on the exhibition part of it. We also made a thank you card for our mentor.

Our poster says “concussions in sports” we added things to do with concussions like hockey, football,  soccer, baseball, basketball and a guy getting hit by a baseball bat.

Our set up is planned out for exhibition.  We are having an egg head display and filling it half with water and one egg and shaking it. This shows how a concussion can happen and also have our action ready in place we ask people what is wrong with this helmet

Our challenges where our artists piece we can’t have it up for a long time it will fall and break . Our successful times was where we got things done and not letting it get it destroyed by  other kids and we make sure it was good and strong and can bring people to our presentation.

Week 7 reflections

what did I do  we started to plan  what our set up is going to look like and  have our poster (logo) for  exhibition and got our research done an calls done.  And we got our action done our action is have  proper  Helmets

what we need to do next is make a fake brain made out of  Plasastine and  start Colouring the poster. And starting to bring in things and finish the poster with little more things to connect with concussions.

During exhibition I will stay on task and encourage members to do the same.