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Final Reflection

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?

The biggest challenge during exhibition was at first researching because I was off task or didn’t really know what to do if I got bored. My other struggle was not having a group to help with what to do or to help when I’m presenting.

How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

For my first challenge I had help from Mrs Hooper on websites and ideas I also got help from Mrs E, with thinking of questions and getting interviews. For my other struggle I worked with Jesse if I didn’t get something or forgot what to do.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?

I learned that I’m a lot more independent and involved than I thought because I picked a topic that I’m interested in and feel affected by it. I’m independent because I got lots of research done in the end and was able to ask for tips or help.

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?

The most important aspect of exhibition was probably staying on task and getting questions to research on. Also when you’re almost done you need to think of how you are going to present it and what you’re going to do.

What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again?

I would probably stay on task a lot more and not try to rush through and get all of my questions answered because it’s more important to have a good answer than have a ton. I also would try not to switch the focus of my topic so much and try to stay the same to make it easier.

What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?

Stay on task and make sure you pick a good topic that you can research a lot on and learn about. Also keep your topic within the same category so you can make it easier and not fight with your group.


Explain who you interviewed.. I interviewed two police officers and Bob Eden which is a retired police officer and now works at C.O.P. I also interviewed a prison guard which was probably the best because he had lots of answers and cool things to say.

What was it like to interview people… the first one was the most nerve racking because I didn’t know what to expect but after that I started to get the hang of it. Also sometimes I would mess up with my questions or ask the wrong ones.

Why is it important to interview people…. it’s important because you get a break from research and it answers a lot of your questions. Also you get a lot more done than a day of research would take.

What did you gain from interviewing people….  a lot of answers to questions you may have had for a long time also confidence in your answers and yourself. Also you get expert opinion and what they may think differently.


Feedback from exhibition

The first sticky note I used because I felt when I was presenting I was trying to get it all done. I also didn’t really start conversations as I felt they didn’t want to and just wanted to go do the interactive part.

-the presentation about a crime scene reminded me of the news because you always hear about crimes on the news. ~ Rohan

He had good artwork and it was cool. – Aya

I agree with the last one because I was relieved that people liked it because I had to make it fast. Also I put lots of work into getting ready.


Exhibition week 8

I feel things are going pretty good with my artistic piece and I think I’m going to do good on presenting when I’m used to it. Also I will be nervous when presenting to the parents because they might ask me hard questions or I’ll have trouble explaining it.

I have worked on making my crime scene and having things to draw in people. I also have started working on a script to get questions going and being able to answer them.

This week I have made my artistic piece. I also have made a script and looked through my research to see answers to possible questions.

Week 7 Reflection

My plan for my action is….. I have made a newsletter to inform people about tips for crimes such as, purse theft, vehicle theft, and break and enters. i also have things that tempt thieves like, credit cards, garage door openers, stereo equipment, decked out car parts etc.

My biggest struggle has been spreading out the work because I’m my myself and i have to do everything in bits and pieces. also when i finish something i don’t know what else to do.

i found out that I’m a lot more independent than i thought and don’t need someone else to really tell me what to do. i also found out that I’m a lot faster getting work done without someone next to me and no pressure from someone else.

people should come to my exhibition  because i will have an interactive venue with facts about it too. i also will be telling people about things to prevent crimes from happening which will help them realize what they need to do.

Week 6 Reflection

What do you do next?

Next I have to go through the interviews and jot down notes. I also have to do more research and start thinking ahead.

What questions did I ask?

some questions I asked for citizens on patrol “what do you do differently than police? How long have you been established?” Some questions I asked for police officers were “what happens if someone pleads guilty in court but there isn’t enough evidence for the case? How do crimes connect?”

Week 5 Reflection

Things that have been challenging about exhibition are research because there was a misunderstanding about being able to search up websites and sources so I have been using Mrs. Hoopers sites that she made for me. Another struggle has been finding interviews but now I have some questions and possible interviews so I’m doing better.

Some TD skills you have to have in exhibition are thinking skills to think ahead about what you’re doing and researching. I have used this skill by researching and thinking ahead with my mentor about the display at the end and what I’m going to do also we are thinking of possible interviews and questions.

Exhibition inspires me to take action because you get a topic that you’re passionate about and while doing research realize the issues about you’re topic and try to take action.  I haven’t decided on an action yet but some of them could be…. make a graffiti board about you’re topic, make a video about it or show someone else’s.

My week has gone pretty good I have gotten lots of research done and found new sources I’ve met with my mentor. I haven’t met with Mrs. Hooper because yesterday ended when I’m supposed to meet with her so I’ll talk to her soon.