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Dear future grade 5s

Dear future grade 5 students,

My name is Danica. The central idea for exhibition this year was society’s responsibility is to build a physical and mentally healthy community. My topic was inclusive community facilities. I chose it because, well I had a different topic but the person I got paired with there topic had some similarities to mine but we went more her way because I wanted to learn more about her idea. This letter is about my advice on how to help you with exhibition.

My first piece of advice is to choose the topic that you want don’t choose the one your friend chose because, if you get into the same group sometimes you can fight and not work because you are Being silly.

My second piece of advice is to get lots of information and if you need help ask because lots of people around you have good ideas. Like your mentor and teachers around you.

My last piece of advice is try and make a really good action because when you have finished your action you feel like you made an impact in the community and you will feel very accomplished.

I hope this letter helps you with choosing you topic properly, getting good information and your action.



Final reflection

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?

I think that the biggest challenge I faced was are research because most of are answers came from are  interviews and are questions were really hard to answer. I think that we got really good answers to are hard questions so that helped with show case.

How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

I tried to keep working on finding information on the websites and then when we got a wave of interviews and we really go some good information and we were back on track. I also think that in the end when we found out we had a late start to interviews we wished we had gotten a good start.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?

I think that I have learned that I really want to be involved with the community and try to improve the community and include everyone. Also I think that I have that I want everyone to be happy and no one unhappy because that dose not help with getting work done and Cooperating.
What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?

I think that when we interviewed Mel foat that was the most meaningful thing out of exhibition because he gave us so much good information that we used with everything and he told us his plan for chestermere and how he wants to help people who have a disability. Also think that first when we started, looking back I think that was the best part just first  meeting my partner was awesome.
What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again?

I would probably Make my action better because I did not think that it was very creative. I would also make a better art peace because it was last minute.
What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?

my advice is not to choose your friend as your partner or group member in exhibition because  you will not get any work done and it sometimes can break up friendships. Also you should always stay on task and work really hard don’t give up 

I think that my goal went really well I thought that show case was good and I presented really well also my spelling has improved so much throughout exhibition.

Feedback reflection

I thought that I did this very well because in the first one I tried to make everything very interactive because then there are multiple different ways to teach the people who come to your presentation. Like having the writing down what you thought the signs meant and coming up the stairs and seeing the video.


tyhhe second one I thought I did very well on because I wanted to be very organized so that everything went smoothly and there were no worry’s and we could just do it. I also tried to be organized jurying the presentation like when we where taking turns talking we did not have it scripted so that it would be easier to do the presentation.

The reson I chose this comment was because I thought that if we did answer eny of the peoples question they weren’t very good answers and most of the questions we could not answer.


I am proud of are show case because Olivia and I had a conversation not a scripted and we did not take turns not one then the other

Exhibition is different the normal  projects because it takes a lot longer than most and it’s got the pyp program in it and it’s got a lot more  support from teachers and adults.

I think that everyone new the handy cap sign but the rest they did not and we told them what they mean and I think that when those people are in some sort of community facility they will see those signs and take that into  consideration.

For  projects in the future I will take my communication skills and  cooperation skills because they were very useful in exhibition all of the other ones were to.

I thought my mentor was a big help and he gave us way more ideas and  he had a lot more community sources.

Olivia: Feedback from Exhibition…

This applies to me positively because my art peace said “Take The Dis Off Of Disabled”, and I spent a day in a wheelchair.

These are some comments some of my viewers had….

I dis agree with this because you should have liked it because of what we had to share and not what you got to do.

I agree with this one because once when I was out shopping (I was little then so I hadn’t seen everything) I saw a ladie And she was missing some parts of her arms and legs, which I have never seen before.

Olivia: Interviews…

Explain who you interviewed and why you chose them….

For all our interviews, our mentor thought of them and arranged them. Sometimes during mentor meetings we would meet them. And for a lot were just over email and phone calls. We interviewed Linnie, Steve, Kate Richards, Jodie, Leslie Racz, and Mel Foat.

what was it like to interview people….

Before we did any interviews, I was scared to death about doing them, but after our first few I was cool with it, and it has definitely made me more confident in speacking to others.

why is it important to interview people….

For some topics (like mine) you can’t get things like opinions off the internet so we had to rely on the interviews. Otherwise interviews give you different opinions, and different answers to questions.

What do you gain from interviewing people….

You gain different opinions and self confidence in speaking to other people, and it give you answers to anything you want it to.

Week 8 Reflection Olivia!!!

I think that things are going well so far, and that we are doing very good with our art piece. We have all our research done and we are now thinking about what we will say to mayor for our action piece. Kind of have two actions. One is being in a wheelchair all day, and talking to the mayor and councillors.

This week we made an iMovie on places we didn’t think were very accessible in our school for a wheel chair. We also made our art piece which will be a wheelchair in front of some stairs and than with a sign that says “take the dis off of disablility”. And we found a way to include people in our stand by asking them what they think some accessibility  signs mean.

A skill I used was communicator because I had to talk in the iMovie so that people knew what was happening. I also used communicator by listening to my partners ideas, and then adding on to those.

Week 7 Reflection Olivia

used the attribute reflective because I thought on how good we did and how we did on our research. I also used knowledgeable because I can tell you what I learned and I know more about my topic


Our action will be to be in a wheelchair for a day and writing what we thought about it and filming it so we can show it on Exhibition night. Our showcase will have a wheelchair and put it near the stairs of the music room, and put a sign we found that is really meaningful. We will also have a whiteboard that people can write on, and we will ask if they have seen any accessable signs before and what they think it means.

People should come see my Exibition because it can teach you a lot about disability and how we make our community more accessible for the disabled.

I found out that I can work well with a lot of people and that I am very good at making questions that are generally hard to answer even for adults.

Week 7 reflection

This week week we had a interview and we made some specific questions for a lady we interview on phone call. some of the questions we asked were what dose the access on accessibility includes and  if she thought that the code was to low, and her answers really helped us.

I think that I used my thinking skills to figure out what we where going to do for are show case and to finish up are research.