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Final Reflections

What was the biggest challenge during the exhibition process?

Probally staying on task because when your just doing research for almost 3 hours everyday your guaranteed to get bored so you just want to have a little fun but that could get you in trouble. Me and my partner should of moved away so we didn’t get in trouble but we didn’t.

How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

We ended up getting our iPads taken away so then we knew we had to get serious or we won’t get it done. When we got our iPads back we were focus and and more serious and our presentation went great!

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why? 

Finding out stuff I never knew before about my topic anxiety and depression. The process of exhibition was amazing because of all the hard work and time we put really made us sound and feel like adults during the presentation.

What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again? 

Be more on task so we won’t be under a lot of stress and pressure. The iPads are one of the most important part about exhibition because without them you wouldn’t have anywhere to put your research, resources, your action, interview questions and key concept questions.
What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year? 

Stay on task because if you’re not on task exhibition is going to be a nightmare but if you are on task and you use you brain exhibition won’t be as hard as the people who aren’t on task. Don’t be nervous because come exhibition night your going to rock it.




Final reflection – interviews

Explain who you interview and why did you chose them.

Me and Alex didn’t really chose the interviews our mentor did but we did talk about who to interview. We interview, Linda dimond she is a health professional,Erin clews she is a health professional, we also interview Emile young who suffers from anxiety and depression.

What was it like to interview people?

It was nerve racking on the first interview. But the second and third one was a lot easier for me.

Why is it important to interview people?

It is very important to interview people to get for research questions answered or your key concept questions.

What did you gain from interviewing people.

I gained a lot of knowledge about my topic so I can say my thoughts on exhibition night.

Creative Reflection Week 8

What we need to do next is getting set up for our staging we are using the place inbeetween 1M,1J. We are using the portable chalk board for our reaserch so we can answer they peoples questions.

Some new discoveries that I have made are that there are two types of anxiety the first one is social anxiety witch effects for relationships with your friends. The second type is general anxiety when you are nervous and think you need to everything right this second.

What I did this week was wright a thank you note to my mentor who took her time out of her day to help and support during the process of exhibition.


Week 7 Creative Reflection

Give an update what are your plans for action? what are your plans for showcasing your work?

Me and Alex’s plans for action are making stress balls to relive peoples stress so they can go back to normal and not worry about unnessecery things. Me and Alex’s plans for showcasing are a tool box with fake tools and its eye catching because people will wonder what it is about and come over to ask why.

What has been the biggest struggle so far in exhibition? How did you overcome it? What skills/attidudes/attributes did you use.

One struggle for me and Alex was getting our ipads taken away for a week we had to most of our work on paper we recovered by getting back on task and working together to answer our key concept questions. I used communication skills to explain ideas for ur action ideas and staging.

What did you find out about yourself during exhibition.

I found out that i can be very off task at times but when i really wont to get my work done i am a very helpful group member. And develop good and quality research and interview questions.

Why should people come see your exhibition.

Because our action idea and staging will be very eye catching we have a tool box with tools that help to make you less depressed or anxious when you are having a tough time. People will come because it has a tool box and they will wonder what the tool box is for.


PWEX Week 5 Reflections

How would you describe Exhibition?

I personally think that exhibition is VERY stressful because we have time a limit on when we have to finish the project and there are tons of stuff you have to do so you really need to use your time wisely which is a part of our  self-management skills

What does the Exhibition provide us?

It gives us more our knowledge about the topic we have chosen to study for 10 weeks and in the future we will have to present a presentation and have to do a lot of research and interview professionals.

What is something that people might not know about exhibition?

That exhibition seems like it’s only 6 weeks because on like the last 3 weeks your freaking out to make sure it’s all done and you have so much work to organize. You also might not know that  you have a mentor who helps you set interviews and helps organize you work.


Week 5 Reflection

what was challenging for me and Alex was making the interview questions.For 4 people names are Emilie young,Amy,Erin Clews,Taylor norum, It may be hard becuase me and Alex might be a little nervous to talk to people we don’t know at all.

i used my research skills to ask questions to develop quality interview questions for our 4 interviews. I also used my self management skills to manga e our time and not be of task during exhibition time.

Exhibition inspires me to take action because I won’t to be a difference maker and find a reason that anxiety, depression is caused by. I really won’t to listen to a person with anxiety or depression and see how people without anxiety or depression see the world vs people with anxiety depression.

We are planning on interviewing people before April 23rd we decided to ask questions on how people with anxiety cope with there problems or how they handled the promblem. How do people realize that they have anxiety or how they get depression or is it developed after you get older or are you born with anxiety, depression.