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Dear future Grade 5

Dear future Grade 5

My name is gabby. My topic is supporting seniors. I chose this topic because I wanted kids and grown-ups to know that seniors are more than just your grandma or grandpa there people that are very nice. And I wanted people to know that they are very sick or they have very Bad diseases. So if you learn more about this topic then you can help your grandma and grandpa get well soon. In this letter I will be getting you advice about exhibition that I hope will help you.

My first piece of advice is. If you are in a Group try to collaborate together. So you guys are no fighting during the middle of exhibition. So you guys don’t get left behind and have to work extra hard to get back where everyone else is in exhibition so you guys still have lots of research.

My Second piece of advice is. To pick a topic and stick to it because if you are in the presentation and you are grown and you are mad and sad then everybody will think that you didn’t want to do exhibition. And you didn’t want to do the topic you pit.And they made you do it when it was your choice the whole time so you do not get in trouble from the teachers and the future future grade 5 don’t think that exhibition is fun or interesting to do so they are growing me mad and sad to. And do not pick the same topic as your friend so you guys do not get up off of task.

My Final piece of advice is. to always be a pair because these teachers are very helpful but they do like to push you a little farther than you are. So always be a pair for them to tell you to work harder try your best and many more. So you do not have Bailey nursing for your presentation. And you feel well that the teachers help to you and you made it with a good mark. Always let the teachers help you because they weren’t always be right.

I hope that these three pieces of advice help you feel the way of exhibition. And member to work with your group to gather unless you’re alone. And to stick to your topic you pick so you don’t do the same public as your friend. And get a bad mar. And be a pair for exhibition.

Best luck to you

From Gabby

Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,


My name is Sophia. Our central idea was Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community, My topic was supporting seniors.

I’m going to tell you some advice that will help you get through exhibition hopefully it without any problems.


My first piece of advice it to stay on task because if you don’t you will get no work done or you will get your iPad taken away if you fool around. If you don’t work hard or you fool around then you won’t answer all your questions that you made.


My second piece of advice is to get along with your group because if you don’t again you won’t have lots of work done. Also if you don’t get along you won’t have that much fun in Exhibition.


My last piece of advice is to only work with you group not others. You should not do work with other groups especially you friends because you are most likely to get off task. You will have lots of time after Exhibition and at recess.





Final Reflection gabby

What was the biggest challenges you faced during exhibition…my during  Challenge during exhibition is working together with my group because   Almost every time they were getting in a big fight.

How did you work to solve or overcome the challenge… how I overcome my challenge is  how are overcome my challenge is that I kept trying and I wouldn’t give up until it was as good as we wanted it to and how l challenge.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved in exhibition… what I have been involved in exhibition is helping out seniors and  interviewing senior and  when I am older I was like to  work in a seniors home and  when I am older I would like to work in a seniors home but  for now I would like to volunteer at a seniors home.

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful thing you learned during exhibition…Why…the interesting thing Doing exhibition is  making all the pop for exhibition or getting to wear a costume had exhibition time because it’s really fun and creative and I really like it.

What would you do differently, or maybe be more mindful of if you could do exhibition again… if I could do exhibition again what I would do is  probably working in a smaller group like a group of to me and one partner and getting to go to more seniors home so we would have more information for our  showcase.

What advice and suggestions would you give to the students who will work through exhibition next year…the  advice that I would give the students next year is  that you should work very hard and don’t give up in the middle of it try to work things out if your group is not doing the best and to pick a topic that you won’t give up on and  don’t work with your friend because you might not have a friendship anymore.

My goal is  to write more thing and  I finished my goal because I did lots of writing in exhibition.

We were very organized because we all took shifts in one of the responsibilities so we were so orgarized.

Yes we did do eye contact and commwnicnton skills and confidence because we practice over and over so we got better every time so that’s why.

Keep my volume at a certain level so I do not  her peoples ears.

My Last Week Reflections.

I am proud of… getting all of the materials on time and  finishing our research and Figuring out what we can do better from feedback or just for my team.

how is exhibition different from other projects we have done… it was different because we have not set it up a table and learn one topic that we really wanted to do and show it to the whole school.

Did your message inspire the audience… yes it did inspire the audience because they would stay and they wouldn’t watch the whole presentation And wouldn’t leave in the middle of it and The great part about it is we didn’t have to give them anything at the end to make them come again and Leanne and I again or just to tell their friends I was a good day liked it because it was interesting.

Now you experience exhibition what will you use for another thing… I can use in college because I want to work in a seniors home so I can get all this research and all these facts so then I have it if I need to use it at the seniors home.

How did working with a mentor support you’re learning…It’s supported my learning because they gave us feedback and they gave us more things we could do to make it better or things that we could use to make it more interesting.

Final Blog Post

What I am proud of is…

What am proud of is my poster. Why I am proud of is my poster is because I worked super hard on my poster. Also what I’m proud of is my effort of keeping my group on task because sometimes they would be silly but sometimes I could not keep them on task so I was just on task.

What my challenge was…

What was challenging was working together. Why working together was so challenging it’s because we all had different ideas and we all wanted to do our own and we did in the end but it wasw worth it. Also what was challenging was getting our work done in time.

What it was like to interviewing someone…

At first it was a little scary to meet someone you don’t know and get information from someone you don’t know but someone who knows a lot about this topic. It was weird but once you get used to it is all fine. It was also very cool to interview someone because it felt professional.

Why it is important to interview someone is…

Why it is important to interview someone is because they most likely know more then. Also it is important because when you grow up Maybe you will be someone that interviews people. It’s important because it a good learning experience to.

what I gained from this is…

What I gained from this is lots of knowledge about how to support seniors. Also I learned how to work as a team.


Final Reflection

I’m proud of presentation and how it turned out because I thought I would do really bad but I was okay at it. I’m also proud of how many people come to see our presentation. Getting thorough Exhibiton after a long 9-10 weeks.

Getting along because we would fight a lot and it didn’t turn out very well and it was very stressful. Presentation because I was so nervous and fidgeting with my hoodie sleeves on student day.

It was kinda challenging at the beginning because I was nervous. It was very fun with the interview with the seniors because our group split into groups of two and went around tables and at the end we had muffins and cookies. We had an interview eith Lauren from the Kerby Centre, she was very nice and calm and was willing to talk to us so she was a very nice lady.

They’re important you might get new, very important information that can help you with your topic and/or research. It’s a part of learning and in the future you’ll remember it and won’t be as nervous for interviews

Knowledge because we learned more about the topic we had. I gained more confidence when doing things like interviews, presentations, etc.