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Week 6 reflection

What discoveries  Have I made?

This week I learned that all music is connected to your brain and it creates a spark that makes you think and sing along. I also learned that music therapy is not only for people who are sick in a way anyone can use music therapy even if they don’t have a illness. It all makes sense that it connects to the brain but Do people who have brain problems and are ill get to use music therapy too?

How do I feel things are going?

I feel things are very good we are ahead of where we are supposed to be we have answered all of our questions and we have planned our action(S). Our mentor said that we may start thinking about our art peace  but we can’t start our art project.


What do I need to do next?

next we need to work on our action and do our art  peace. Our action is school wide and it will only be open for 1 day. We have only made our brain for our art peace

Week 5 Reflections

I would describe exhibition as  a good chance for us to use our presentation skills and self management skills because when you are making questions and reaserching you need to keep your bibliography organized. You use your  presentation skills  because you need to present  and it will help you   With your presentation skills in the future.

Exhibition provides us with  better communication skills because we have to communicate to our partners and we communicate when we present. That will help us When we are older And need our communication skills for things such as interviews for jobs and others.

Something people might not know about exhibition is that there are different steps like you have to make questions, then research them and then present them.  people also might not know that we have lots of different interviews in person Skype phone call or email  and we all have topics that are not related to each other’s topics very well.  For example, my topic is music therapy and someone else’s topic is wind energy.


Week 5 reflection

what Was challenging  about the process?

somthing  that was challenging during the interview was that We were very nervous we also didn’t want to say anything rude or somthing that didn’t make sense because we didn’t want her to be like  “ what just happened?”.

What TD skills did I use?

I think I used my social skills by Taking breaks from each other and not making a argument. We both know when we need breaks so we take them come back to working together and we are fresh and ready.

What does exhibition inspire you to do?

exhibition inspires me by pushing me to work and take risks and chances that you never know will work. Also it inspires me to be interested in multiple things like in music therapy it includes learning about the brain,body and physical activity with music.

Give an update of your week did you do a interview did you decide your action?

I did an interview with JB music she is a music therapist that lives in Calgary. She answered A lot of questions and gave us A lot of information.  We have not really put any thought into our action we have been so busy with our questions and research we never thought bout it.

Week 2 creative reflection-Simran

this week was both challenging and easy. This week we made key concept questions it was challenging because we thought that not all key concepts can fit under our topic witch was music and therapy. From my last reflection I still and worried about those things but I try not to think about it too much. During this week I know it’s just the start but I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and sometimes me and my partner would take turns writing questions and she would tell me to hurry up. We still have to put down the key concept questions we are done those yet.

Week 2 Reflection

Question 1: What have you done?

This week I created my lines of inquiry. In my first mentor meeting we disscused our lines of inquiry and how we could change them to make them better. We made our research questions and started organizing them with the key concepts.

Question 2: What attributes did I use?

i used open-minded because when my partner told me about a question I would say “that’s a good idea!  Maybe we can change this word to this and it will make more sense.” If she didn’t agree, I wouldn’t argue.

Week 1 Reflection

I am exited about interviewing people because I want to learn more and know everything they know about music therapy. I think it would be fun after exhibition to know all that stuff. If anyone asks me something about music therapy it would just be fun to have the right answer!

I hope I can follow the essential agreement and stay on task, get me work done and do a good job so I can get through this easier. I also hope I can be able to  improve on my social skills and improve on my presentation skills.

This is important to me because I love music (singing,ukulele,piano.) I want to help with everything so therapy and music mixed together is perfect for me.