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Dear Future Grade 5s

Dear Future Grade 5 Students.


Hi my name is Kiranpreet. In exhibition our central idea was society’s responsibility is to build a physical and mentally healthy community. My topic was gender equality. I chose this topic because I was curious about why girls are usually seen doing different jobs and boys do different. Also about why do they treat female and male differently. This letter is about advice on exhibition and how to have a good time.


My first piece of advice is to choose a topic that you want to do and not your friends. It might wreck your friendship because you’ll get bored of your friends topic easily and get into a argument and it will be hard to get out of it. That’s why chose the topic that you want to do not your friends.


My second piece of advice is to not fool around because if you fool around you won’t get your research done and you have lots of other things other than your research. A reason about why you shouldn’t fool around is because you’ll just get farther behind and have less time to complete the other things that come after your done your research. which will affect your showcase.


My third piece of advice is to cooperate with your partner(s) because if you just keep on arguing about what decision to choose you’ll just get farther behind. Which means when your farther behind you’ll be rushing through your work and there’s more possibilities to make more mistakes then. When you’ll be making because your rushing your work you’ll be arguing about who made that mistake whose fault it is so it’s better to just cooperate with each other in the beginning.


I hope this letter helps you to choose your topic, not fool around and to cooperate with your partner(s).


Best Wishes,


Dear future grade 5 students

Dear future grade fives,

My name is Naman, and my topic is gender equality I choose this topic because I wanted to take action and try to stop gender inequality and start equality but before you can do that you need to learn about gender inequality and equality so this is why I choose this topic. Our central idea was:Society’s responsibility is to build a physical and mentally healthy community. This letter is about…advice. This advice should help you go through exhibition smoothly.

My first piece of advice is to not choose what your friends or friend chooses because then if you are picked to be together you will have tons of of fights and it will feel like the longest ten weeks of your life. The teachers in charge of you will keep you together and if you have a fight you will have to stick with that person and keep on working with them until the end of exhibition. That is something you might not want to do so stay positive and listen to your group members not argue with them, ( like my group did ) stay happy with your group.

My second piece of advice is to not waste time like me and my group did because then we had not enough research and we were behind so we needed to speed up but it was hard to get the research and all the other stuff beside research and we were far, far, of while people were all the way up done putting there research into the folders. Then when we went for the interview we got tons of information and is two days we were done research so don’t talk to other groups and stay focused on your work because it will help you not other groups how are doing another topic.

My third piece of advice is to speak louder when you are presenting to the kids and to the parents because if you are quiet you will need to repeat lots of things that you say and it will be hard for them to understand you and then they will not be interested in your presentation and go away to someone else’s presentation and turn their backs towards you. Try to talk louder so that you have more people involved into your presentation.

Best wishes,

Dear Future Grade 5 Students.

Dear Future Grade 5 Exhibition Students,

Hi my name is Sarah! Our central idea was, society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally community. My topic for exhibition was Gender Equality and why it’s important for both genders to have equal rights. I chose this topic because I felt that looking through all the topics this was really important because both genders should be able to have equal rights and I thought I could work with this for 10 weeks.

My first piece of advice for you is to choose a topic you feel passionate about and don’t choose the same topic as your best friend because then you will tend to fool around and not get any work done and then you’ll probably get in trouble which you’ll have to work with that best friend for 9 weeks and remember it’s your fault if you get bored of the topic.

My second piece of advice is for you to work hard on Exhibition and don’t be lazy on your work because then that research gets carried to your presentation and you will get assessed if you have bad information or if you your poster or art piece looks like you didn’t work hard on it.

My last piece of advice is to use your time more wisely because time goes by fast and by the end if your not at the spot that you should be, your gonna have to catch up because your behind and you don’t have all day to work so you should use your time wisely.

I hope this letter to you helps you prepare for Exhibition, remember pick a topic YOU are passionate about and NOT what your friend is passionate about. Work hard and use your time wisely.

Good luck,

From The One And Only, Sarah

Final reflections

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?                                      One of the most challenging thing I found was when we were doing our presentation, when we had to answer the questions the adults asked us because sometimes we did not have the answers the adults were looking for. We had to speak to different people and sometimes we got super nervous that we would forget what we were going to say. Other wise we did ok, and got through the presentation without tons and tons of mistakes.
How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?                                                                               We solved that problem by… like I said we would not have an answer sometimes we would share what we think about that question rather then saying we don’t have an answer. We also explained why we would think that rather than ending after saying I think this…that is how we toyed to avoid having people think we have know idea about our topic.
What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?                                              One thing I learned is that never choose best friends when you do exhibition because believe me you will need to throw a party after exhibition ends. What I mean is that you will be to close to your friends and then you will explode with a fight and not get along with one another. Believe me it will feel like the longest ten weeks of your life. Try to stick with your choose and not you friends choice because like I said you and your friend or friends will explode into a bid huge fight.
What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?                                                                                                                                                                        In my perspective I think the interview was the most important because we would get the most valuable information from there and we would would have an idea on how we should design our presentation and that is where we got most of our information from. Maybe you think the websites what’s the most part of information throughout the entire exhibition. Another thing the interview helped us was by helping us finish our interview and our exhibition questions. We got a lot of information from the interview and that was our number one source.
What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again?                                                                                                                                                                         I would talk louder because I know my group tried to make me talk louder and even if I tried to I would still sound quiet and then we would need to repeat lots of things. I was quite and my group was quite and I was quite to so that is one thing I will do differently.
What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?                                                                                                                        Like I said one thing I will tell them is to not choose your friends because you will not make it till the end of exhibition. That is all I would say to them.

I worked one my goals smoothly and I feel like I have accomplished my goils which were to make sure I will write my words in my own words and to find myself some new sources so that I can find new information.

Final Reflection.

What is the biggest challenge you faced During exhibition?

The biggest challenge was not taking over during speaking over when we were doing the showcase with the kids and adults. I wanted to take over but I knew I couldn’t I wanted more parts but I couldn’t because it wouldn’t be fair. Another big challenge was making decisions becuase everyone wanted there’s to get chosen and sometimes they would say that your idea isn’t that good.

How did you work to overcome or solve that challenge?

I overcome not trying to take over by only saying what I needed to say and not adding anymore ideas to say more. I also overcome not always using my ideas because after we started to use voting for our decision making times and that worked out fairly and even if someone was a little upset everyone knew that that was the fair way, 

What have you learned about yourself while being involved in exhibition?

The things I’ve learned are that I usually like having my ideas and I usually want them all to agree with my idea. Another thing I’ve learned is that I thought I would like to have as less ideas to say as possible but I wanted a lot after practing I wanted most of the parts to say because it was boring listening to your group members talking. 

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of exhibition for you? Why?

The most important thing of exhibition was the showcase because that’s the time when people get to know about the importance of that topic and how to stop that from happing. Like my topic was gender equality we told them about gender equality and how to stop it. The most interesting thing was the creative part making the posters we made because it was really fun and interesting to see if it turns out how we wanted our no. It was also interesting because when people said that they like our posters it was interesting since we thought that they wouldn’t say anything like that. The most meaningful thing was being the MC and talk to all those parents because I thought that I wouldn’t get the part for MC but I actually did and that was really meaningful to me. 

What would you do differently, or be mindful of if you could experience exhibition again?

If I did exhibition again what I would do differently is instead of making posters making statues of gender equality like a statue of girl then boy and equal sign. Since it would also make people come to our stand and attract them to our stand/showcase. 

What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through exhibition next year.

The advice I would give to students next year is to do your work and not fool around becuase if you do and don’t get your work done then you will be behind and will be rushing and when your rushing your work it isn’t that good. 

My goals

My first goal was my reading goal which I think I accomplished because I was reading when we had to resarch. My second goal was using my time wisely which I did becuase I did my work and didn’t fool around. 



Final Reflections.

The biggest challenge that we have faced during Exhibition was that outside of exhibition we were friends and so we would get into fights and arguments and so we would bring those arguments and fights into exhibition and we would argue with each other or fight over random things but after how we solved it was we had conversations with each other about how we can problem solve and we also talked about how we should stop fighting with each other, we also told each other that “we cant bring these arguments into exhibition and we need to work because we don’t have tons of time left” and so then we got more focused on our research and we were staying on task and not arguing. I have learned about myself in exhibition that I can work with new people that I may have not worked with before or with people that I’m not even friends with and  I usually I work with my friends and so I learned that I can work with new people and some of those people I have never worked with before and so I learned that I can work with new people and that I can work well with them. The most important thing that I have learned in Exhibition is that teamwork is important because if you don’t show teamwork you won’t get much done which then you will have to do that work on your own time. If I could do Exhibition all over again next time I would add personal things like if I’ve ever experienced gender inequality because in our presentation we only used our research and next time we could have made personal connections. My  advice for students that are going to be doing exhibition next year is that next year don’t pair up with your best friends because then when your working with them you can get into lots of fights and  you’ll also be talking to them about things that don’t connect to your topic which then you’ll get offf task and you won’t get any research done which then will cause you to do all of the things that you were supposed to do during Exhibition instead to do it on your own time, when your off task with your Best friend which will lead you into getting into trouble.

Feedback Reflection.

What I’ve achieved.

think I achieved this because our group was prepared when we were presenting and our whole group was there it was never like two of us were there and one wasn’t. We were also prepared with our showcase becuase we wouldn’t talk over top of each other. Another way we were prepared is when your not prepared sometimes you don’t know who saying what that well and then one person would just take other. Since we were prepared we had equal parts.

I think I’ve achieved being professional because I used to fidget with my hair when we would be practicing our showcase but during the actual thing I didn’t fidget with my hair. We were also professional since we knew our topic when someone would ask a question we would know the answer. If we didn’t know the answer that would look bad and they would think we didn’t know our topic or we didn’t reasearch that much.

What I didn’t achieve.

I think I wasn’t talking loud enough because there was a lot of noise becuase of other showcases. Some parents had to come closer to hear what we’re saying somethimes. Maybe next time I should practice to speak louder while we’re practing our lines.

Feedback Reflections~Sarah

I have achieved the First sticky note because during the presentation I had parts which I had to use my Communication skills which at the beginning of the exhibition I didn’t share a lot of my ideas but as soon as we got more into exhibition and we talked about our Reflections I shared all of my ideas about what we should do, during the actual presentation I talked about facts that connect to our topic which that was using my communication skills.

I have achieved the second sticky notes because when people where listening to our presentation they asked question, when they asked questions we could answer it right away and we didn’t have stop for a while and think about it and our answers made a lot of sense.

I think if I could do exhibition again I would make more personal connections in the presentation because durning the presentation we only talked about our actual facts and research and we should maybe make connections from our actual lives if we’ve experienced gender inequality.

Feedback Reflections

I know our group and me, were interactive because we encouraged people to do our action idea and try to stop gender inequality and start gender equality. I was interactive to people because I had new facts that people might not know about gender equality.

Also my group and me, were all clear on what we said instead of explaining each word again and again to people just because we were not clear. I did a good on speaking clearly to the people we were presenting too and they could understand me and my group.

I think my group, and me, did not talk slow and we were all nervous. I think we talked fast because we were nervous about exhibition and scared. I think we still had lots and lots of information that we could have shared with other people and kids, too. We could have improved that by feeling relaxed and feel free to share our information.