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Week 8 Reflection

I have done my artistic piece for my artistic piece I have made a sign with a cigarette in the middle and put a circle with a line across the cigarette and I put in black letters effects of smoking. I used my communication skills when I have to memorize my facts for when I present it to my audience I also use my communication skills when I have to go over my podcast with my mentor.

Week 7 Reflection

This week I have finished all my research I have put information for my research and now I have finished my action I’m doing a podcast for my action I have wrote a script for my podcast now I’m working on what my showcase is going to look like.

I used my communication skill when I did my telephone interview with Canadian Lung Association I also used self-management because I have to keep my books and sheets organized in a folder.

Week 6 Reflection

My goal is to push my thinking so when I am doing my Reflection I explain it in more detail and when I’m doing my research this goal I think is going good because in my reflections I’ve have pushed my thinking. My other goal is to not bother other groups I think it’s going really well because I have not bothered other groups like if some groups are off tasks I either tell a teacher or I just leave the room. I feel like things are going well with exhibition because I have done all my research and now I’m thinking of what I’m going to do for my action. So far I’ve done my research I’ve done some interviews.

Week 5 Reflection Chloe

I would describe exhibition as a great learning experience because you have to use your skills to solve problems that you can’t figure out. I would also describe the parts of exhibition like when we had to pick a topic that we were passionate about and that it connected to the central idea.

Exhibition provides us with our research skills like when we have to gather questions to research. Exhibition also provides us with self- management skills like thinking about our behaviour and I have to make wise choices.

Some people might not know that exhibition is a long experience and is something that requires a lot of thinking and help. Some people also might not know that exhibition is a all day thing.

Week 3 Reflection

I have have used my communication skill because when I am talking to my mentor about my topic and what I have done with my work. I also used my research skill when I’m doing my research. What I have done this week is I have went to my first mentor meeting and we discussed what I need to do and I also finished my key concept questions. I finally started my research I got books which is what I started with for my research. I used some attitudes this week like my independence because when there is no teachers around then I have to deal with it myself. I also used my confidence skill because If get behind then I have to catch up with my work. Last attitude that I used was being principled because I have to stay on task and I have to be honest to teacher like if I’m not on the right thing then I can’t lie the teachers.




Week 1 Reflections

My main focus is to stay on task like not bothering other groups so they can get their work done as well as to use my time productivity like not doing the right thing or focusing on one part first then do they other thing.

I’m excited to do my topic because then at the end of exhibition I know everything about my topic and I can tell people what smoking does to your health.

I hope that I get my display and notes done by the end of exhibition so my display will look good at finished.

This is important to me because it affects health of people at it also affects the environment because of all the paper that is used to make a cigarette