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Dear future grade 5s

Dear future grade fives

My name is Mahtab, Our central idea is who we are:An inquiry into the nature of self,beliefs and values.Personal, phisacal, mental, social and spiritual health.Human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures.Rights and responsibilities.What it means to be

My first piece of advice is not to fool around because you will not be able to focus on work and get a zero and fail Exibition.

My Second piece of advice is to speak loud and clear or else no one will hear you and go somewhere else.

Last but not least is not to have arguments with your group members or else you will not get through that much work and you will fail.

Hope this letter will help you in Exibition

Sincerely, Mahtab

Dear Future Grade 5s

Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Hello my name is Elton, our central idea was society responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was clean water and sanitation I chose this topic because it was interesting. I’m writing this letter to help you during exhibition.

My first advice is not looking at the poster or look at each other when adults and kids are standing.

My second advice is speak louder when we do are presentation.

My third piece of advice is to not sit on shelves or desk during exhibition because the adults and kids won’t like that. It doesn’t look professional.

I hope you have read my advice and will use it during exhibition.


A.K Final Reflection

My biggest challenge during exhibition was finding reasearch I overcame it by working as hard as I can and I got I done in the end so it was fine and good.

My goal of formulating questions was achieved evidence of this is when we formulated questions I think I came up with 35-40% of our questions so I think I achieved my goal pretty well (in all we had 40 questions)

The most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of exhibition was probably that we learned how much people don’t have clean water because  now we are trying to save water everyday now and try to help and donate.

If you could experience exhibition again I would try not to argue with my group at all because we would waste less time. Also have some more interviews because we only had 1 interview because we would get way more research out of the interviews.

what I have learned about myself since being involved in exhibition is that I never knew I could work this hard and complete such a task like exhibition I know this because I worked hard and finished exhibition.


Final Blog Post

I am proud of finishing my work in time. I am also proud of doing my walk for water and walking around the entire soccer field. I’m also proud of staying on task and getting work done. Lastly I’m proud of not being nervous interviewing a adult.


What was was challenging was finding all the information for our questions. There were to many websites to go threw and all the books to got threw. Also another thing that is challenging is creating a good lines of inquiry, it was really hard.


Interviewing people isn’t that nervous, and the person that your interning is really kind. Also the interviewer gives us a lot of good information and answers our questions.the interviewer doesn’t waste our time.


It is important to interview people because some websites give us false information. Also the interviewer is a professional so he’ll give the right information. It is also important to interview because that is the main source of information.


I gained knowledge from this. Also I gain the chance to inform other people to be more knowledgeable. I gain a chance to practise to not be nervous talking to other people.

Exhibition Reflection

Our topic just like drinking water in the past 10 weeks.

I’ve feel pumping. I thought it was gonna be easy talking to the audience.

Internships are all about putting into practice  what you’ve been studying. One of the future exhibition spaces an example what the content will be? Using contributions .

I learned is looking for information at the end of the book it has a website.

Final Blog Post A.K

What are you proud of?

I am proud of our poster because we did it pretty quick and it’s a pretty detailed poster as well. Also I’m proud of staying on task and we didn’t really fool around much.

What was challenging?

Some of the things that were challenging where probably finding reasearch was probably the most challenging part becuase if you searched the question up it didn’t come up. So we had to have an interview or go on lots of different sites. Also another struggle for our group was maybe working together when we presented but we did good anyways.

What was it like to interview people?

For me, I think I was mostly nervous but then I got used to it by the midddle of the interview. I think for some other group members they were also pretty nervous such as Elton but we got the interview done and got the remaining questions done.

Why is it important to interview people?

Probably to get more reasearch finished. Maybe also it’s important because you will be able to word your reasearch better.

What did you gain from this?

I think I gained some knowledge about how to present. I also now know and am informed about this topic that lots of people don’t have clean water and how they have to live, some walk really far from home just to get cleaned water. They miss school and have a hard time getting jobs when they are older.

AN Week 8 Reflection

We made a poster it took a pretty long time but we made it. It has a water drop in the middle and a DIY jerry can in the bottom right. Also there was a two liter bottle on the bottoms right. Mrs. Fisher didn’t print out map images about water systems in chestermere but we might do it soon. We didn’t have that much time to work on the poster but We did it on time.

For our display we are going to make a water filter using coal, sand, and pebbles/gravel, bottle and a shirt. We’re also going to put the DIY jerry can on display and we might make a stand.

We’re not very organized we had stuff everywhere and it took a very long time to clean outer mess up. We had so many paper everywhere.

We kept reading our research. I don’t think I remember everything. We had too much information to remember.

We really didn’t have time to rehearse. We had to use all the time to work on out poster.

Thank you to our mentor, Mrs. Fisher. She helped us a lot. She helped us on our action.

Week 8 Reflection

My group was asking what colour for our poster we use white and blue roller paper. We were talking what should we add on the poster? Who’s gonna do it? We have so many ideas for our poster. We’re talking who’s gonna use a pic collage for are mentor picture. We use the blue paper for the lake and a water drop. We write the title for are poster the beginning and the end each side. We put tape on the bottle each bottom corners we didn’t put the bottles at the very bottom corners.

AK Week 8 Reflection

I think we did quite good on our poster because it looks quite nice and we go the river done. Also we got most of the poster done so I think it’s pretty good we spent like 1 ½ to 2 hours on the poster and it turned out pretty good. I also like our poster because we have like physical 3D objects taped to our poster. We did our action with a interesting looking bottle and a normal 2 litre bottle.

Our reading info also went great because I’m remembering most of it by now. We read it about 4-5 times a day and some of those times we spent 20 minutes reading our research. It’s gotten pretty boring after reading it like so much times as Mr.Walton said that it would get boring eventually and it has gotten really boring now.

I think our mentor helped a lot with our action and other stuff. She also helped us get some research done and in all helped us a lot. I don’t really know if we would have our action without a mentor or it would just take longer to think of an action.

I think a struggle through exhibition was maybe thinking of an action. Finding an action at first we had like no ideas of what we should do for an action but then we got one idea and we did the idea. We didn’t have a lot of other ideas for our action. Also something difficult was finding information online because we couldn’t find a lot of good information. Usually something else came up and not the thing we were looking for. Other than that we didn’t have that much struggles.