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Dear future grade five students

Dear future grade five students


Hi my name is Adam society’s responsibility is to build physically and mentally healthy community.


1 my first piece of advice is to stay on task if you don’t stay on task you will get in trouble and get your Ipad taken away and you won’t have anything to work with.


2 my second piece of advice don’t try and do choose the same topic as your friends because if you do you won’t want to do that topic you will get in a fight with you friend.


3 my third piece of advice is not to go to other groups and disturb other groups or else you will get in trouble and it will lower your mark so it’s better to find a quiet place to work so you can work.


Hope you take my advice to be a better student

Sincerely Adam

Dear Future Grade 5 Students!

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hi my name is Tiana. In Exhibition our central idea was society’s responsibility is to build physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was Animal Therapy. I choose this topic because I wanted to learn more about how animals can help with therapy.

In this letter I will be giving you advice for when you do Exhibition.

My first piece of advice is use your time wisely. Don’t fool around with your partner(s) because if you don’t use your time wisely you won’t get much work done. You may think 9 weeks is a lot of time but it is not. It goes by so fast. The stage of Exhibition is #1 Pick your topic, #2 See who’s in your group, #3 Get to know each other, #4 Start some research, #5 Start more research and you will start having interviews with experts, #6 Then you start making your scripts for when you share all of that knowledge you know about your topic with people that may not know a lot about your topic, #7 Then comes Exhibition night.

My second piece of advice is to cooperate with your partner(s) and try not to fight because you have to be with you partner(s) for 9 more weeks. So I don’t thinking fighting in the first week of Exhibition is going to help you for the next 9 weeks. Also is you fight you may not get that much work done & then when people ask you questions our may not know the answer because you didn’t find that much information about your topic & your script for Exhibition night has to be 5 minutes or longer.

My third piece of advice is to cite your sources right after you have an interview or a website Ms. Hooper gives you because if you don’t cite your sources then you will have to go back and look at where you found the information from and that takes up some time. But if you cite your sources right after you get information you won’t waste time.

I hope this letter helps you with citing your sources, cooperating with your group & using your time wisely.

Yours Sincerely,


Final reflection

My biggest struggle was to listen to the interviews the people were very quiet so we couldn’t really hear the people we were interviewing and it took us 2 weeks to the interviews.

How I over come the is I stayed on task and did my job so I could do my job by doing a good job during Exhibition to do good presentating to the little kids and help them learn.

I have learned that I have even more  interest for animals and how they help people but know I want to learn how animals can help the world.

The most meaningful part is that doing the research to help people learn and performance is really important to me because if you have a bad performance people won’t like you presentation.

That we have less time to do Exhibition it was long but worth maybe 8 weeks instead of nine because Exhibition took so much of our time.

Stay on task or else your work won’t get done and you will have a bad grade for Exhibition Anna the teachers will be mad.

#Pwex18 Feedback Reflections


I feel I was well prepared to share all the stuff I learned about Therapy Animals.

I feel I did well on communication skills because when people would ask questions about horses I would answer & questions about dogs Adam would answer.

I feel I need to work on my eye contact  because I felt very nervous and I wouldn’t look at the person I was talking too.



I relat to this because my group mostly focused on dog therapy and that’s why I think this person was talking  about my group.

This one is specifically to my group because it says Adam and Tiana and I like the feed back that it gives me.

I didn’t have much props and no one said anything about my props and not much people liked my props  and think we could have done better about my props.

#Pwex18 Week 8 Reflection

This Week me and my partner worked on making scrips for Exhibition to memorize for when we share all of our research to the community. Me and my partner also worked on making sure we have all of the information from our 2 interviews: Chestermere Therapy Dogs Society & Jorden Fenton from CHS.

I think me and my partner did well on making our scrips because we Edited it many times for the it looks now.

Adam pwex reflections

Hi this is my second last week of reflections I am kind of scared of doing the presentation in front of the grade fours but at least I’m getting practice to do the presentation in front of the parents and the school but I am kind of excited scared at the same time though and it’s a struggle to write the script.

Me and my partner have been listening and communicating to each other and have become a strong team to work through Exhibition.  I am kind of glad Exhibition is almost over but same time I’m sad that Exhibition is almost over because it’s fun .I have a lot of mixed emotions but at the same time,we’re all happy with what we accomplished and what’s done with Exhibition

Adam week 7 reflections

I have had an interview on Wednesday we got a lot of information and the guy we interviewed was the principal at Chestermere high school he was and he had a lot of information on horse therapy. I have been using my social skills by listening and talking we have been working on knowing what we have to get for Exhibition so we can be successful at performing so we can get good grades.


#pwex18 Week 7

What skills did I use?

I used my communication skills when me and my partner had an interview this week with Jordan Fenton from the Chestermere High School & I also used my communication skills when me and my partner were working to try and get alll of our interviews answers into the google drive.

How do you feel things are going?

I feel things are going great because me and my partner are getting work done like Interviews, Research & Communicating to put are answers from the interview questions into are google drive. I feel when me and my partner collaborate we get more work done then when we just do our own thing for Exhibition on our own.


Week 6 Reflections

I have been practicing my communications Skills by doing icebreakers with my mentor. I will also start practicing at home with my parents so I can talk smoothly during the actual exhibition.

One of the skills I used was thinking skills, i used skills like comprehending material from Steven King so that it is more understandable.