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What was your action and why did you choose it?

our action was to hand out positive cards on Friday. On the positive there is facts on it we chose this because we wanted to tell people to stop gaming and to not play games for more than a hour a day. Also we chose this beacuse we don’t want people to affect there eyes on gaming and not to go blind.

how do you feel you action inspired you?

I  feel you action inspired people by  them to read the facts that were on it and to learn from them about gaming. Also it inspired people by  helping  them if they are really stuck/addicted to gaming.

how did your action change or impact your perspective on your topic 

It impacted my perspective by handing my positive cards out I thought that I game to much I should not do it that much. Also I do not want to have other people be addicted to gaming like me.



Final Reflection

  • What  is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?

staying on task was the main part to finish on time and we sometimes. Went to a spot where a whole bunch of people went to and just goofed off and not staying on task . But we still got the work done.

  • How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

By moving to another spot and not talking to others who try to talk with us. And we tell them to stay on task as well.

  • What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?

I work well with a group but with a group with a friend is not a good idea. For me we always goof of and sometimes be late for our presention.

  • What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?

the most important in formation is from interview they helped us a lot with exhibition they answered some questions and helped us with the. Presention if we had no interviews then we would be stuck on questions still.

  • What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again?

to stop fooling around and get our work done so we can be ready to present in exhibition beacuse you would not know what to say and. Have a bad voice because of being to nervous.

  • What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year? 

To not not fool around and to stay on task so you no what to say and have a good exhibition because if you don’t then you can have a big pause. In your sentence and have you look at your other group members and just have a big pause.


FEEDBACK from Exhibition

The green one applys to me because we remembered of what we learned. And now we have to practice what we say and to have a calm voice.


Sometimes we pause on sentences and messes it up and becomes awkward. AGGREED


We had to put details in to ours beacuse we had to beacuse to make it longer and for people to know the effects of gaming Alida

Final reflection-Interviews

Explain who you interviewed and why you chose them.

Cam adir, Dr.hasleem,Jarid Hidberd we interviewed Cam Adir we wanted to know how he stopped gaming and how it started. Also he said to us he dropped out of high school of being builled.

What was it like interviewing

It was good getting in formation from people who are like famous or know lots of stuff about gaming. Also I like when people answer hard questions that we can’t find on stuff that we can’t.

What was challenging about it

By finding questions saying what to say smoothly and nicely and finding questions to ask them. And finding interviews and who to interview.

Why is it important to interview people 

It is important because they can answer your questions if you can’t find the answer to them. Also they can be our primary resources.

What did  you gain from interviewing people 

I gained answers for my research question and for most of them.  Also I gained that they can give answers that you can’t find.






Week 8 creative reflection

What new discoveries have I made?

I learned that there are good sids to gaming to always bad sides. Also I learned that you can get really bad headaches too.

What have I done?

I have done our action today on intercom and cougar news. Also we have created our display and working on our speech.


What have I done this week we got a picture with our mentor and now thanking them for helping us. Also we had finished our display

Week 7 creative Reflection

Give an update

We are going to ask mrs Michie on next Monday to say to the school we are doing our action. Also we are going to say on the intercom about our action.

What has been a struggle during exhibition

The struggle of exhibition for me is finding the right information for your questions. Also trying to find a interview  to answer the last question we can’t find on the internet.

What did you find out about yourself during exhibition

I found out about myself that I work good with a group rather by myself. Also I do good and I work pretty well when I always give suggestion and listen to ideas my group gives.

Why should people come see your exhibition

so they can learn about how gaming is good and bad for you. Also we are making a eye to show how you can get eye fatuige from gaming.


Week 6 Reflection

What questions did I ask?

The questions I asked is some reasearch questions that we need to answer and we only have a few left to answer. Another question I asked is should we sit somewhere else this place is disturbing.


How do do I feel things are going?

I think things are going pretty well we have two more  questions to answer. Also we stay on task to get questions done so we can be successful in exhibition.





Week 4 Creative Reflection

What new discoveries have I made? What discoveries I have made is gaming can cause eye fatigue and you should check in to a eye doctor once a year. Also play one hour a day.

how do I feel things are going? I think things are going well with my group we already went to an interview and got on other interview down.




Week 5 Reflection

What was challenging about the process?

what was challenging is finding answers for hard questions that know one has really answered yet. Also finding people to interview. Beacuse we have to find someone willing to interview us.

what TD skills are important throughout the process of exhibition?

research skills because you have to reasearch to find answers for hard questions and easy too. Also social skills beacuse we as a group work together  and talk to each other’s and share our ideas.

how does exhibition inspire you to take action?

It inspires me to take action by people playing games more than 1hour a day

and from that you can get sleep drevation or muscle pain and lack of Vietmin d. Also I don’t want people who o get those things from video games.

Did you do a interview? Did you decide on a action to do?

we did both of them our action is to go to a random place and look at people who are not on there phones all the time and give them a positive car. Our interview was with a optometrist and we asked questions about how gaming can ruin our eyesights.