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Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear future grade 5’s,

My name is Lorelei. My topic was music therapy. I chose music therapy because I love music and I love helping people so I chose music therapy. In this letter I will be giving you advice about exhibition that I hope will help you through this tough journey.

My first piece of advice is to stay on task. If you don’t stay on task then you will have PILES of work to do instead of just an amount that anyone could handle. Sometimes I would fool around or argue with my partner but we were very lucky to not fall behind. If you get in a fight with your partner just take some time away from each other and work by yourself. That really helped me. Make sure that you don’t because it’s very hard when you have to do extra work.

My second piece of advice is to do your bibliography when you find a source because if you don’t cite your source then you will have to retrace all of your steps just to find that one website. Me and my partner lost a website without citing our sources and it was a very stressful week for us because that was one of the only things we could focus on. At that time we only had a little bit of research done and we couldn’t do it until we found our bibliography.

My third piece of advice is to practice before your presentation because if you don’t practice then you might mess up. You have to practice what you are going to say but don’t write it down or use a script because then you will look unprofessional and unprepared. Just go with the flow and what you think will be the best thing to say.

My last piece of advice is to Choose a topic that you were very interested in it. If you choose a topic that you aren’t really interested in then you will get bored halfway through exhibition. Don’t choose a topic just because your best friend is going to do it because you might not be interested in it. I was going to do a pollution topic because my friend was doing it but I realize that I wasn’t very interested in it and I would rather do something more creative so I choose music therapy.

I hope this letter helps you through the journey ahead. Remember to stay on task, cite your sources right away, practice your presentation and choose a topic you are interested in.

Good Luck!


Final Reflections!!!!!!!!! Lorelei

What is the biggest challenge you faced during exhibition?

During exhibition the biggest challenge I faced was probably doing research because you made the questions and there was no specific resource to go to to answer that question.  All of the questions you made were different then the resources and it was really difficult to search all over the Internet just to find one answer.

How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

I just had to continue reading over a lot of different websites that ms. Hooper provided us with and listening to our interview over and over.  Our interview was probably the best source we could’ve had because she answered about 5 of our questions easily.

what have you learned about yourself since being involved in exhibition?

what I have learned about myself this exhibition is that I  can use music therapy when I need to. I get stressed out about things really easily and now I know that I can use music therapy and that I could’ve been using it before.

What was the most important,  interesting or meaningful thing you learned during exhibition? Why?

The most important thing I learned was really meaningful to me was that  A lot and a lot of people in the world are very mentally ill and they don’t know  that music therapy can help them. This is really meaningful because I feel like people should be able to know what can cure them or help them.

What would you do differently, or maybe be more mindful  of if you could do exhibition again? I would probably not talk as much and do work more. Even  though we didn’t fall behind, I saw a lot of other groups Falling behind it looked like they were really struggling and I was fooling around sometimes so maybe I shouldn’t have and did more work.

What advice and suggestions would you like to give the students  who will work through exhibition next year?

I would tell them to make sure to stay on task and focus because if you fall behind you will have tons and tons of work to do  each day and it will be really difficult rather than having to do  not a lot of work each day.

What was your goal and how did it go?

My goal was to stay on task because I wanted to get work done when I was supposed to and not fall behind and I succeeded. I didn’t know that falling behind be so bad and I thought it would just be a little bit hard but then when I saw other groups falling behind I was so grateful that I didn’t.  Even though I wasn’t on task a few times I still never really fell behind.




Feedback Reflections

I think I did a good job on  using my communication skills,  maintaining eye contact and  showing confidence because we answered all of there questions and listened to them,  when we were talking to them made eye contact and had confidence in our voices (like when we were telling them more about our facts we used a lot of expression in our voices to make sure we seemed enthusiastic and we really like our topic).


I think I was really involved in my topic because of my action. I wanted to involve myself in more music therapy things but there isn’t many music therapy things in Calgary. I also involved other people in my presentation because of the fishing game and it made them feel like they were a part of our presentation and we didn’t just make them sit and do nothing.  Continue reading

Week 10 Reflection

What are you proud of? I am proud that my group  never fell behind and got everything done we were supposed to. A lot of other groups behind and they looked like they were struggling so I’m happy we did not.

How is ex different than other project we have done?  Usually projects are pretty short but this one was 10 weeks long and we had to do a long presentation  with people from around the community and with other ones we Just did it for the other classes. We also had a mentor that helped us with our learning and other projects that we  just had teachers.

Did your message inspire the audience? I think we did inspire our audience because we told them about how if they were stressed out that they could use music therapy and it would calm them down.  Now that they know that, they might use music therapy more when they are having anxiety or when they are stressed out.

Now that you’ve experienced exhibition, what will you take with you in the future? I think that my presentation skills will help me in the future in case I have a job interview and I need to be prepared, I will use the skills I have learned from exhibition. My communication skills could also help me for that if i get a job like a store clerk I will have to talk to them and use my communication skills to make them feel welcome and want to come again.

How did working with a mentor support you learning? I think it helped me because she checked our work and made sure all of our creative pieces were good and connected. She also came up with some of our pieces and when we had nothing to do she provided us with work to make it better.



Week 8 Reflections

What have you done? This week I was getting ready for presentation. I am almost done a fishing game where you fish for facts with magnets and I am done our brain. I got a lot done but I still have to do a little bit of stuff to do.

What are you going to do next? Today I am going to finish practicing my lines for the showcase and finishing my fishing game. I’m pretty scared!

Week 6 Reflections

My goal is going pretty well. I have been on task (my goal) and trying to focus on action and how to make my topic more aware. One thing that we are thinking about doing  is doing something at lunch for a week or 2 to teach people about music therapy.

What do I need to do next? Next I am going to continue doing action then in a while I will work on my presentation. I will try to make it  stand out so that more people come to it and learn more about music therapy.

What new discoveries have I made? I found out That music  therapy can work with people Who are deaf by feeling the vibrations.

Week 5 Reflections

I would describe exhibition as  a good chance for us to use our presentation skills and self management skills because when you are making questions and reaserching you need to keep your bibliography organized. You use your  presentation skills  because you need to present  and it will help you   With your presentation skills in the future.

Exhibition provides us with  better communication skills because we have to communicate to our partners and we communicate when we present. That will help us When we are older And need our communication skills for things such as interviews for jobs and others.

Something people might not know about exhibition is that there are different steps like you have to make questions, then research them and then present them.  people also might not know that we have lots of different interviews in person Skype phone call or email  and we all have topics that are not related to each other’s topics very well.  For example, my topic is music therapy and someone else’s topic is wind energy.


Week 2 Reflection

Question 1: What have you done?

This week I created my lines of inquiry. In my first mentor meeting we disscused our lines of inquiry and how we could change them to make them better. We made our research questions and started organizing them with the key concepts.

Question 2: What attributes did I use?

i used open-minded because when my partner told me about a question I would say “that’s a good idea!  Maybe we can change this word to this and it will make more sense.” If she didn’t agree, I wouldn’t argue.