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Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade Five Students,


Hi my name is Kyle our Exhibition central idea was society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was animal therapy and I chose it because I love animals, and it connected because they make you mentally healthy. In this letter I will be giving you advice for Exhibition.


My 1st piece Of advice is to always stay on task even if other kids aren’t and it’s annoying stay on task just keep working  and when there struggling to finish and you’re already done your the one who’s not stressing and just simply  practicing your presentation your presentation.


My second piece of advice is Listen to the teachers, if you listen to the teachers they will tell you what you need to do and keep you on track, if you don’t you will find yourself not doing what you need to do and struggling to catch up.  


My final piece of advice is practice your presentation lots, if you’ve practiced enough you won’t be nervous you’ll say everything you need say it clearly and won’t be nervous. My group did this and the showcase flew by it was easy, fun and simple.


I hope this letter helps you for when you do Exhibition and that you remember to Stay on task, listen to your teacher and practice presenting.


Kind Regards,



Final Reflection

The  biggest challenge was staying on task around kids  that we’re always off task. Even though it was  Challenge I managed to stay on task and get my work done.

I work does solve the problem by moving away from kids that were off task and remembering that If I did do good it could  give me a good grade. I also remembered that it’s fun to do research because I was doing a topic I enjoy.

I have learned that I can get tons of work done if I try really hard. I also learned that when people are off task I have trouble working so now I try to sit alone.

I think it was the  action because it proves that a grade 5 kid  could help such a big problem. It also shows that you care about your topic and want to help.

If I could do  exhibition again I would make sure that I am alone while working so that I can make the best of my time.  I would also  try to be alone  and not in a group  because I think will make the best of my time .

To the students next year I think that one thing that you need to do really well in exhibition  is listen to what the teachers do and do that.  If you don’t do what you need to do will fall behind and it’s hard to catch up, so listen to the teachers and do what they say.


I think I did good on my goals because  I was ready for the showcase I had practised a lot and I wasn’t nervous.  I put on a good presentation and a lot of teachers were helping me so  it was not very hard.



Feedback Reflections

I worked really well during the presentation because me and partner had practiced what part we say but if we were in a one on one presentation with them we both knew everything we needed to and could of presented alone. We also were good at getting everything cutting in and saying something even if our partner was going to continue. For example If my partner said something and she was going to ask if there was any questions I would cut in and talk about our action before we forget.

I did a good job on our research because I was almost always on task and getting research done. Even though our sights weren’t a big help I was able to decode as much as possible, but when we didn’t have enough research I was able to go through and decode websites and interviews to awnser the remaining questions.

I was really nervous while presenting and had trouble pronunciations my words well because I was talking fast and not making sure they understood. I constantly messed up while talking and had to correct myself often and plenty of times my partner had to cut in and help.

Exhibition Reflections

I’m proud of picking a topic that I can get interviews and research on although I’m still passionate about. Even though I liked the topic there were still struggles but me and my partner got through them.

Exhibition is different from other projects because it takes 9 to 10 weeks there’s interviews and you need to pick a topic that connects to s exhibition is different from other projects because it takes 9 to 10 weeks, there’s interviews and you need to pick a topic that connects to a Central idea. You need to create the central idea in groups.

I think my presentation inspired people because when they listened to it They felt like they wanted to help people with depression anxiety. They also felt like they wanted a pet in case they ever got depressed or mad.

Now that I’ve Experienced exhibition I will use the Skills to do good in college and get a good job and live a good life. I will also use the skills in middle school, junior high and high school. Because of Exhibition I have practiced my skills and
learned a lot.

My mentor almost acted like a border on the side of our path she couldn’t stop us from going backwards because that was our job but she kept us inline and made sure we did what we needed to do.

Week 8 Reflections

This Week was really hard because we took a whole day and a half to figure out our creative piece. Once we finally figured it out we didn’t have very much time to finish our creative piece, write our thank you letters, set up our action and create our showcase.  We also found out where to donate materials we will be gathering  for our Action. Getting everything done was a really hard task and a challenge but I think me and my partner caught up really well and are almost back on track to where we should be. For our Action we will be gathering items that dogs need and donating them to Aarcs. For our creative piece we made a poster, a spinning wheel and a bunch of clay balls the spinning wheel and the clay balls are used for a game and the poster says Animal Therapy. We sent an email out to aarcs and already know what types materials they accept.

Week 7 Reflections

Today I will need to finish planning and then on Monday I will bring in all the materials, I need to bring in for our showcase. This might be hard because I think I’m going up to my cabin and I don’t think I can shop near my cabin.

This Week we had an interview with an equine therapy group, and we awnsered all of our questions. We also figured out our action. Finally we’re starting to plan our showcase and get ready for Exhibition.


Week 6 Reflections

I have been practicing my communications Skills by doing icebreakers with my mentor. I will also start practicing at home with my parents so I can talk smoothly during the actual exhibition.

One of the skills I used was thinking skills, i used skills like comprehending material from Steven King so that it is more understandable.

Week 5 Reflections

Exhibition is actually a whole process you need to research and make a good presentation, you get paired up do tons of hard research and then present everything you learn.

From  Exhibition you get better at all your TD skills for social skills you learn to cooperate and to work with other people, you learn to listen and be open-minded, you learn how to be safe on the internet and many other things.

During Exhibition you start by coming up with loads and loads of questions about your topic then you spend weeks researching them. You also need to find action you can take and people you can interview, when your done this you come up with a way to present all your research to kids at the school and adults, then you do some reflecting and your done. Once you’ve completed the whole process it’s so much stress taken off because Exhibition is really hard and stressful.