Apr 16 – 20

Week 6

Organizing and creating – Making conclusions about my research, considering my actions and presentation

Week 6 will see you finishing up your research, and shifting your focus to carefully planning your Exhibition Showcase coming up. You will be involved in:

– Planning your exhibition presentation. Things to consider/work on include:

  • timeline of your presentation
  • mapping ideas for what will be included in your conversation
  • creating a rough sketch of what your showcase may look like
  • lists of materials needed for your showcase
  • collecting feedback from other groups, mentors, teachers in order to improve on your ideas
  • keeping in mind that even though the Theme is Who We Are – there should be some element of art/expression considered for your showcase. Be creative in how you will present your topic to your audience. Go beyond your comfort zone of a poster or a trifold, extend your creativity! Push yourself to consider something unique or different – something maybe you haven’t ever done before Think about:
    • What is the form of artistic expression that I am going to use to convey my message?
    • What makes a clear, interesting, engaging presentation that will draw people in (something that catches their eye and attention!)
    • Who is my audience? How will I ensure that my presentation is understood? How will I have to change how I speak, or how I present depending on different ages of audience members?

All of this will be accomplished with the support of your group members, during your mentor meetings, and with your teacher.

– Reflection. Blogging about and reflecting on your week at least once is a requirement. Your teacher will provide you with some possible reflection prompts for your blog. Remember! Visuals are always a great way to draw readers in to what you have to say. Post pictures of your work (action shots of your work or ideas, samples of your brainstorming, feedback you are receiving etc…) to supplement your reflection. *** Remember to reflection on your Exhibition goals.

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