Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear future grade 5’s,

My name is Lorelei. My topic was music therapy. I chose music therapy because I love music and I love helping people so I chose music therapy. In this letter I will be giving you advice about exhibition that I hope will help you through this tough journey.

My first piece of advice is to stay on task. If you don’t stay on task then you will have PILES of work to do instead of just an amount that anyone could handle. Sometimes I would fool around or argue with my partner but we were very lucky to not fall behind. If you get in a fight with your partner just take some time away from each other and work by yourself. That really helped me. Make sure that you don’t because it’s very hard when you have to do extra work.

My second piece of advice is to do your bibliography when you find a source because if you don’t cite your source then you will have to retrace all of your steps just to find that one website. Me and my partner lost a website without citing our sources and it was a very stressful week for us because that was one of the only things we could focus on. At that time we only had a little bit of research done and we couldn’t do it until we found our bibliography.

My third piece of advice is to practice before your presentation because if you don’t practice then you might mess up. You have to practice what you are going to say but don’t write it down or use a script because then you will look unprofessional and unprepared. Just go with the flow and what you think will be the best thing to say.

My last piece of advice is to Choose a topic that you were very interested in it. If you choose a topic that you aren’t really interested in then you will get bored halfway through exhibition. Don’t choose a topic just because your best friend is going to do it because you might not be interested in it. I was going to do a pollution topic because my friend was doing it but I realize that I wasn’t very interested in it and I would rather do something more creative so I choose music therapy.

I hope this letter helps you through the journey ahead. Remember to stay on task, cite your sources right away, practice your presentation and choose a topic you are interested in.

Good Luck!


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