Final Reflection gabby

What was the biggest challenges you faced during exhibition…my during  Challenge during exhibition is working together with my group because   Almost every time they were getting in a big fight.

How did you work to solve or overcome the challenge… how I overcome my challenge is  how are overcome my challenge is that I kept trying and I wouldn’t give up until it was as good as we wanted it to and how l challenge.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved in exhibition… what I have been involved in exhibition is helping out seniors and  interviewing senior and  when I am older I was like to  work in a seniors home and  when I am older I would like to work in a seniors home but  for now I would like to volunteer at a seniors home.

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful thing you learned during exhibition…Why…the interesting thing Doing exhibition is  making all the pop for exhibition or getting to wear a costume had exhibition time because it’s really fun and creative and I really like it.

What would you do differently, or maybe be more mindful of if you could do exhibition again… if I could do exhibition again what I would do is  probably working in a smaller group like a group of to me and one partner and getting to go to more seniors home so we would have more information for our  showcase.

What advice and suggestions would you give to the students who will work through exhibition next year…the  advice that I would give the students next year is  that you should work very hard and don’t give up in the middle of it try to work things out if your group is not doing the best and to pick a topic that you won’t give up on and  don’t work with your friend because you might not have a friendship anymore.

My goal is  to write more thing and  I finished my goal because I did lots of writing in exhibition.

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