Final reflection-wince

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?

The biggest challenge I faced was research because it was hard to find information online.Some information is fake and not real like Wikipedia because people can change the information on there.

How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

We got interviews and they are better then online information because the people we interviewed are experts at gaming and they know more then us and that helped us a lot.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?

What I have learned about myself is we have to be risk takers and  we have to talk to people we don’t know and have interviews with famous people because they give us information.

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?

The most Interesting thing was the information because some information is  surprising like blue screen and eye fatigue so the information is the most surprising.

What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again?

I would put more thought in my research because some of the information was short and not so thoughtful and then we changed it and we could put more information in.

What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?

I would advice people next year to work hard because some people don’t put all the information in their own words and they just talk to others and fool a

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