Final reflection-Simran

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?

The biggest challenge in exhibition was finding kid friendly websites for research. This was challenging because it was not only hard to answer our questions in the first place but it made it harder when they used fancy words we didn’t know the meaning of. Every time this happened we would have to google it in the dictionary or just use a different website that didn’t have the information we needed.

How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

We overcame this searching the word up in a child dictionary so that we could understand the words. This did help us get more information rather then just leaving the site and getting information that would connect instead of answer to our questions.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?

I have learned to deal with problems better with other people When somthing goes wrong. I used to hate working in groups because when a problem occurred  we would all just lose it and now that I worked in a group it helped me deal with problems better by using my self management skills and my social skills.

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?

The most important part of exhibition for me was reflecting this was important to me because I could always just look back and remember the things I need to work on like skills Some tasks maybe etc.

What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again?

Something I would do different is probably pick up the pace we were kind of off task and that was when we had to rush and we just could not get enough done. I would also put more thinking into my creative project  for example I would think to myself what would attract people.


What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?

for all grade 4 students coming into grade 5 I would say stay on task or else you will get nothing done. And maybe make sure you don’t fight and have a good relationship with your group so that you will work better and not waste time fighting.

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