Feedback Reflections

I think I did a good job on  using my communication skills,  maintaining eye contact and  showing confidence because we answered all of there questions and listened to them,  when we were talking to them made eye contact and had confidence in our voices (like when we were telling them more about our facts we used a lot of expression in our voices to make sure we seemed enthusiastic and we really like our topic).


I think I was really involved in my topic because of my action. I wanted to involve myself in more music therapy things but there isn’t many music therapy things in Calgary. I also involved other people in my presentation because of the fishing game and it made them feel like they were a part of our presentation and we didn’t just make them sit and do nothing. 


I think I could have included more information because we barley used any of our research or our presentation facts so maybe we should have told them a little more about our topic.

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