Week 10 Reflection

What are you proud of? I am proud that my group  never fell behind and got everything done we were supposed to. A lot of other groups behind and they looked like they were struggling so I’m happy we did not.

How is ex different than other project we have done?  Usually projects are pretty short but this one was 10 weeks long and we had to do a long presentation  with people from around the community and with other ones we Just did it for the other classes. We also had a mentor that helped us with our learning and other projects that we  just had teachers.

Did your message inspire the audience? I think we did inspire our audience because we told them about how if they were stressed out that they could use music therapy and it would calm them down.  Now that they know that, they might use music therapy more when they are having anxiety or when they are stressed out.

Now that you’ve experienced exhibition, what will you take with you in the future? I think that my presentation skills will help me in the future in case I have a job interview and I need to be prepared, I will use the skills I have learned from exhibition. My communication skills could also help me for that if i get a job like a store clerk I will have to talk to them and use my communication skills to make them feel welcome and want to come again.

How did working with a mentor support you learning? I think it helped me because she checked our work and made sure all of our creative pieces were good and connected. She also came up with some of our pieces and when we had nothing to do she provided us with work to make it better.



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