Final reflection-Interviews

Explain who you interviewed and why you chose them.

Cam adir, Dr.hasleem,Jarid Hidberd we interviewed Cam Adir we wanted to know how he stopped gaming and how it started. Also he said to us he dropped out of high school of being builled.

What was it like interviewing

It was good getting in formation from people who are like famous or know lots of stuff about gaming. Also I like when people answer hard questions that we can’t find on stuff that we can’t.

What was challenging about it

By finding questions saying what to say smoothly and nicely and finding questions to ask them. And finding interviews and who to interview.

Why is it important to interview people 

It is important because they can answer your questions if you can’t find the answer to them. Also they can be our primary resources.

What did  you gain from interviewing people 

I gained answers for my research question and for most of them.  Also I gained that they can give answers that you can’t find.






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