Final reflection-interview


Explain who you interviewed and why you chose to interview them.

We interviewed a lady from JB music her name was Lisa. JB music is a music therapy organization here in Calgary she answered a lot of our questions not to mention she was really nice about the questions we asked.

What was it like to interview people?

Interviewing  Lisa whent really good we were nervous I would accidentally say somthing….unprofessional like regular words we use to talk to our friends . We did stay polite and I was having a really hard time understanding Lisa I don’t know why but I just couldn’t get what she was talking about.

What was challenging about it?

For  interviewing people I would say thinking of questions to ask them and actually asking them. This was hard  because you can’t just use like street words like what’s up with these people you have to be very specific and polit as well as professional.

Why is it so important to interview people?

It is important so you can get loads of information from the experts. Also have more to offer in your presentation.

What did you gain from interviewing people?

We gained more knowledge and more research so our presentation would be better and if someone asks us a question we will know the answer right away or soon.



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