Week 7 creative reflection

Give an update what are your plans for action? What are your plans for showcasing your work? Our plans for actions are ted talk Mocks, and our plans are we are thinking of doing a play with costumes of viruses and computer and geeks.


What has been the biggest struggle you have had during exhibition? How did you overcome it? What skills/attributes/attitude did you use? The biggest struggles I’ve had are the research I overcame it by dealing with it. the additude I used is Cooperation because when we we’re doing research we were working together.


what did you find out about yourself during exhibition? I found out I have good leader skills and I could do more then I want to do. I also figured out a lot about my topic.


why should people come see your exhibion? People should see our exhibition because I want them to learn how to be safe on the internet, and make sure nothing happens to them.


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