Week 5 Reflection

What was challenging about the process?                                                               I think it was challenging when we started exhibition because i did not know what to do, and I was super confused and off task. I also thought the weekly reflections were hard because they had to be different every week and it was a lot of work.


what TD skills are important throughout the process of exhibition?                      I think research skills because research skills helped gather info, like planing or present my findings, and they helped because when we started our research it was telling us if the website was useful or useless.


how does exhibition inspire you to take action?                                                     It inspires me to make a change in the safety of the internet, and teach kids how to be safe when your online. like tell them how to stop from getting  hacked or how to not get viruses on your laptop or computer.


give an update on your group?                                                                              Me and my group have been finding interviews but we had no luck, the only ones that answered are Sony Best Buy and Jh computer rescue, and the action we thought of is mock ted talks.

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