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Science Experiment Dates: 

1. Alexis Lava Lamp Monday, April 23rd
2. Gabby Ice Cream in a Bag Tuesday, April 24th
3. Sarah Magic Sand Wednesday, April 25th
4. Taiya Rock Candy Thursday, April 26th
5. Chloe Erupting Apple Friday, April 27th
6. Kamryn Colouring Changing Water Explosion Thursday, May 10th
7. Kyle P. Soap Powered Boat Friday, May 11th
8. Lorelei Milk into Stone Monday, May 14th,
9. Trey Instant Water Ice Tuesday, May 15th
10. Sandra Elephant Toothpaste Wednesday, May 16th
11. Kyle S. Skittle Water Thursday, May 17th
12. Elton Mini Waterfall Tuesday, May 22nd
13. Kiranpreet Camera from a Matchbox Monday, May 28th
14. Mahtab Instant Coloured Ice Tuesday, May 29th
15. Danica Oobleck Wednesday, May 30th
16. Tiana Mentos and Diet Coke Thursday, May 31st
17. Adam Making Water Rise Friday, June 1st
18. Naman Wacky Whistle Monday, June 4th
19. Mostafa Solid to Liquid Tuesday, June 5th
20. Alex Rubber Egg Wednesday, June 6th
21. Caenumon Invisible Ink Thursday, June 7th
22. Nooren Food Colouring Milk Designs Friday, June 8th
23. Kayden Gummy Worms Dancing Monday, June 11th
24. Nathanael Elephant Toothpaste Tuesday, June 12th
25. Mark Mixing Salt & Water Wednesday, June 13th
26. Ali Thursday, June 14th
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