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  1. Remember to pack only one Halloween treat for lunch or snack when I come to school.
  2. Parents, please make sure that you have set up your account on MyBlueprint.
  3. Prairie Waters School Council gift card form in my agenda pocket.
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  1. Today we discussed our Essential Agreement. It is posted in the blog post above this one. Show it to my parents and discuss how the attributes connect to the different parts of the Essential Agreement.
  2. Return my Terry Fox Run permission and technology forms (2 forms).
  3. Patrols training will be in the gym tomorrow. Bring in my permission form by then.
  4. Bring Kleenex/indoor shoes/water bottle if I haven’t already.
  5. Parents, please subscribe to the 5C blog for updates (top right hand side of the 5C homepage). Thanks!
  6. Bring a set of headphones/earbuds to use and keep at school.
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There were once a boy and a girl their names are Lily and Joe they never thought about what might happen if they do something bad but this is a story on how that all changed… “Hey Lily wanna steal a cookie from the cookie jar?” Joe said one stormy and late night “Sure I’m hungry!” Lily said so they creeped down the stairs Lily was happy that she got to open it but when she lifted the lid mom woke up she ran down the stairs and said ” AHA! You’re the little theif that keeps stealing the cookies!!!” ! Lily said”We won’t do it again!” The End!

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There was once a boy named Jack, once his mother asked him to sell the cow. but he traded it for some magic beans, when his mother found out she threw them out the widow. The next morning there was a huge beanstalk, Jack climbed it and there was a Giant and a castle and Jack went in the castle and the Giant woke up!!! The Giant didn’t like humans so he tried to kill him! But Jack became friends with the Giant and the giant said, “Hey! I’m starting to like humans” and it was a brilliant day! THE END!

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