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Frisbee Golf permission forms – fill out and return the form with payment (online, cheque or cash — please put cash/cheque/coins into a sealed envelope/ziploc bag. Thank-you).

Theme 5 permission forms – fill out and return the form. 2nd forms have been sent home. If forms are not returned by Friday, Ms. Csak will be contacting parents via email to confirm participation.

We still require cardboard for a Makerspace activity. Please check your recycling bins for any unwanted cardboard and bring it to school.

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“Our wonders and passions inspire us to take action and make a difference”

#pwex19 – Click HERE to access the Exhibition blog.

#pwex19 Update – today most of us completed our topic Central Idea. Can I go onto my guidebook and show my parents what our Central Idea is? Explain to my parents the process our group went through to create it. 

Today we were inspired by a group of student teachers from Ambrose University. Explain to my parents what their Exhibition was about, the feedback we gave them and how they helped us with ideas for our own Exhibition.

Here’s a list of students who still need to hand in their multiplication/division booklets: Taha, Amelia, Zan, Jacqueline, Elif 

Please make sure that the booklet is completed and returned back to school immediately.

Empty report card envelopes need to be returned to school by the end of the week.

Volunteer Tea invitations are due on April 9th.

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“Our wonders and passions inspire us to take action and make a difference”

#pwex19 – Click HERE to access the Exhibition blog. Show my parents my Week 1 reflections “Compass Points” on the Exhibition blog.

Division/multiplication booklet is now due. Continue working on my multiplication facts and if possible my division facts.

Discuss my report cards with my parents. Return the report envelope to school as soon as possible. Please keep the contents of the envelope for your records. Thank you.

Library is on Monday. Bring back books.



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Today’s Lunch Box Talks

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What did we talk about? 

Timothy – school, what we learned and our favourite subject

Nihaar – how tall I was, the weather, taxes and how socially awkward we are

Angelee – we talked about Exhibition, favourite subjects and whether they had a job

Reid – we talked about Exhibition, subjects and what we’re doing in school

Dilpreet – we talked about Exhibition and did they do something similar to Exhibition

Taha – favourite sports

How did I feel talking to someone I didn’t really know? 

Sharon – it was awkward because it was quiet, one of the girls kept switching groups, it made it more choppy

Zan – It felt fun after a minute because we got to about stuff that they and we didn’t know (favourite stuff)

Aya – I felt awkward, there wasn’t much to talk about, we were really shy

Sydney – It was awkward, but then we brought up school. Then it stopped feeling awkward, it didn’t feel forced

Jacqueline – it was awkward when we talked about current events, it was just between the Grade 5s or the high school kids

Mia – it felt awkward, they are older than us, they know more than us and sometimes we know more than them

Tatiana – I felt weird, some of our groups mixed up and kept switching, made the conversation hard

Jana – if felt awkward because they were older and we didn’t know to how to start a conversation

How did I use my communication skills effectively? 

Thatcher – I used them effectively because I listening and engaging in the conversation and taking part and speaking

Jaden – I was listening, when there was gap or awkward silence, I would ask another question

Colin – I used my communication effectively because I wasn’t interrupting. I was always talking to people, I was engaged in the conversation all the time

What feedback can I give next time I have to speak professionally? 

Manvi – have a few topics prepared so that we can have conversations

Benjamin – be a little more engaged

Aikam – the teenagers weren’t shy and said anything in their mind; next time I don’t have to be as shy

Kalan – I could do better at talking more, participating more in our group discussions, I tried to talk but it was hard because other people kept talking



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Today, students took one of the Peruse the News topics they had chosen and used key concept sentence starters to begin creating conceptual questions. Below are the concepts, topics and questions the students created:


Eruption in Hawaii — how has the climate changed in Hawaii after the eruption?

Elephants poisoned for ivory — can you elaborate on the reason why people kill elephants when they can cut off their tusks instead?

Minimalism — what does minimalism feel like?


Car crashes — how do people lose their jobs from car crashes?

Eruption in Hawaii — What are the reasons for the volcano to erupt?

Climate Change — What will happen if climate never stops?


Job gap — How is the job gap connected to female rights?

Child labour — How is child labour connected children’s rights?


Music therapy — how has different types of therapy changed over time?

Stop Littering — how has littering affected the world?

Child labour — how have child labour laws changed over the years?


Kids stuck on their screens not enough horseplay — do people think that their screen time is good for them? Why?

Minimalism — how does knowledge of Minimalism allow us to understand important things in life?

Elephants poisoned for ivory — what facts would you use to support your perspective of how poaching is bad?


Natural disasters – what can you conclude about what your responsibility is in a natural disaster?

Stop Littering — what is our responsibility to get people to stop littering?


Music Therapy — can you elaborate on the reason that music therapy works?

Music Therapy — how do music and therapy work together?

Climate Change — how did climate change start?

Eruption in Hawaii — what preparations did the people in Hawaii make before the volcano erupted?

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When you have created an electromagnetic, the coil has to be constantly moving for the electricity to move through it to make it work – Jaden

When you move the magnet through, the more powerful the energy and the light will be brighter – Aya

In factories they burn coal. The coal makes steam. The steam shoots up and moves the turbine (electromagnet) – Colin

You can’t have just a few coils to make the light work. We had to wrap the coil 500 times around the test tube with the magnets in it to make the light work – Ben

There’s not actually a magnet in a light bulb – Sharon

When they showed us the mini flashlight, it had a battery. Our flashlight used a magnet – Tatiana

There is a giant hydroelectricity pump at Niagara Falls – Jaden

Coal is polluting the world a lot more than hydroelectricity – Thatcher

The climate change video showed us how the temperature of the earth has really changed. It used to be cold and now it’s a lot warmer than it used to be  – Angelee

Alberta uses coal and oil more than any other province to fuel electricity.


We might not be able to switch right over to solar energy, but can we switch over to hydroelectricity?

What’s a wind a turbine?

What is corn power?

Why do people think that the Earth is getting warmer?

How does a coil and a magnet make electricity?

Is there anything that Alberta can do to create new sources of energy?

Are there any other sources of energy besides the ones we know?

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Snap Circuit Exploration

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What did I learn/discover?

When you connected 2 pieces electricity came through them. When you had enough connectors to carry the electricity to different places.  

You have to use the exact pieces to make the circuit work.  

You didn’t always have to use wire to make the circuits work, the connectors worked too.

Metal is a good conductor of electricity – electricity is able to pass through it or when it touches it.

When you replaced just one part, it changed the entire thing (alarm — space battle).

On the back of the speaker it said what watts it had. It also had some Greek writing – Omega

What surprises did I have?

Some of the parts did things that we didn’t expect. For example the fan spun, but it also flew.

One or two parts looked exactly the same, but did different things.

When you take out one piece, the whole entire system just stops.

I was expecting this activity to be lots of wires, not the connectors.  

Why is it important to learn about circuits?

One day when I’m in my house and a thunderstorm happens, I might need to fix a circuit.  

If you grow up to be an electrician you will know how to work with electricity.

For emergencies – if something isn’t working, you’ll know what to touch and what not to touch.  You could get hurt if you touch wires.

Batteries are another source for when electricity is not working.

For job purposes.  

How does this activity connect to our exploration of different types of energy?

Without circuits then we wouldn’t have electricity

How does this exploration connect to the central idea?

Oil and gas aren’t good for the environment, but it can’t just stop. We can’t just switch over to other source of energy just like that.  

Other sources of energy such as wind and solar power are very expensive.

We can’t stop making things that we need like food, but solar/wind power its much more expensive.

What wonders do you still have?

What would happen if we run out of oil and gas?

Is there such a thing as oil efficient resources?

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Phantom Power

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What is Phantom Power?

I have my phone plugged and it’s fully charged. But it’s still sucking power from the outlet – Jaden

If you have something plugged in, even though its off or not being used, its still creating Phantom Power and carbon dioxide – Aya

Costs Americans $4 billion a year. Divide that by 10 and that will be what it costs Canadians – Timothy

When something is being plugged in, such as a computer. Even though it’s not turned on, it is still sucking up power. It costs people money on their electricity bill and its creating carbon dioxide – Colin

What are some examples of where we see Phantom Power at school?

Elif – Christmas lights

Jaden – photocopier

Thatcher – electric sharpener

Mia – iPad cart

Taha – fan

Reid/Sydney – uninterrupted power source – if all the power comes out of the school

Aya – laminating machine

Amelia – paper shredder

Jacqueline – lamp

Morgan – phone charger

Timothy – water fountain

Colin – coffee machine

Benjamin – document camera

Manvi – computer cart

Dilpreet – sign-in tablet

Sydney – toaster oven

Jana – speakers

Angelee – smartboard

Tatiana – light switch

Kalan – popcorn maker

Nihaar – blender

What are some solutions to Phantom Power?

Morgan – instead of just turning off a lamp, unplug the lamp from the wall

Jaden – try to minimalize the use of outlets, use a power bar instead

Thatcher – turn off the power bar or unplug when you are away for holidays

Tatiana – unplug the charger when your device is fully charged

Nihaar – pay attention to Phantom Power

How does Phantom Power connect to our central idea?

Timothy – we are consuming the energy and creating the phantom power, the world will be a gigantic ball of carbon dioxide.

Thatcher – people have to think ethically about how much phantom they use and how they can stop it

Jaden – people have to think about resources we are using. We need to be more energy efficient.

Colin – people are creating all this energy and we not using it responsibly, we are not making the ethical choice to use a power bar or unplug your iPad.



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Alida and Leah’s Cancer Quest Fundraiser! Click HERE to support 2 amazing PWE students. PWE needs to raise $7000 so that Mr. Morey and Ms. Rentz can shave their hair off!

Look for the EnerGuide and Energy Star symbols and signs around your house. Record what you find on the sheet that’s in your agenda pocket. Remember to answer the questions at the bottom on the back of the page. Also, finish filling out the Phantom Power sheet we completed in class. These 2 sheets are due on Thursday.

Show your parents our blog post about Phantom Power and discuss what we learned and discovered.

Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather. Even though we are having indoor recess, we may pop out from time to time to get some fresh air and movement.

If you are making Valentine’s cards for the class, here are the names of all the students in 5C: Nihaar, Kalan, Sydney, Benjamin, Angelee, Taha, Amelia, Sharon, Zan, Tatiana, Aikam, Jana, Sheila, Colin, Thatcher, Morgan, Jaden, Jacqueline, Aya, Timothy, Mia, Reid, Manvi, Dilpreet, Elif. Please remember to include everyone when you are writing your cards.




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Project 333 Challenge

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Hi everyone,

Students have been working hard “tuning in” to our new unit of inquiry. Our central idea is: People have an ethical responsibility for what they consume and create. We have had some amazing conversations about how much “stuff” we have. Does this “stuff” make us truly happy? What influences or entices us to have so many possessions? One of the movements we have discovered is Project 333. It is a movement created to minimize the amount of “stuff” we wear and have in our closets (often being passed over and never worn).

Here is link to the Project 333 website: https://bemorewithless.com/project-333/

Some students in 5C have challenged their peers and teachers to try this challenge. Here’s how it works: Go through your closet and choose 33 items that you will wear for 3 months. In our case, we will do this until the end of our unit of inquiry – the end of February. If you want to continue for the entire 3 months, go for it! Below are some guidelines:

What: 33 items including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes.

The total number of possibilities = 21,176!!!

What not: these items are not counted as part of the 33 items – underwear, sleep wear, in-home lounge wear, and workout clothing (but your workout clothes have to workout).

The link provided above provides some useful tips of what to include.

This project is entirely optional. Mrs. Friske, Mrs. Crawford and I are both going to participate in this project and we hope many students in 5C, 5T and 5M will join in too.

This weekend, go through your closet and start selecting the 33 pieces of clothing that you will be wearing. Take a picture of these clothes and upload it to MyBlueprint because we want to document our journey. Make sure that your other clothes are out of sight (out of mind)!! Maybe put them into plastic bags or containers, so that you’re not tempted to wear them.

We’re excited to see what comes of Project 333, as well as the conversations and reflection that come from it.

Thanks so much!!

Ms. Csak

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