Scope & Sequence Gr. 1-9

RVS Suggested Math Year Overview

RVS  Suggested Math Year Overviews Grade 1-9

The RVS Suggested Math Year Overviews documents were created by the RVS Numeracy Specialists and reviewed by RVS Grade Level Teachers.  

These documents aim to guide teachers to develop their year plans with the math big ideas of the Alberta Program of Studies in mind to support math teachers to design high quality and impactful learning experiences for their students. These general timelines suggest what outcomes should be taught in which order in each grade and ‘key outcomes’ have been prioritized and are often recurring throughout the year.

These scope and sequence documents aim to give all teachers a starting point for designing math year plans and manage a large number of learning outcomes.  These suggested timelines are not meant to be rigid and should be adapted based on student and class needs. The documents also do not account for interdisciplinary designs for math transfer learning through project-based learning. 

When teachers use the RVS Suggested Math Year Overviews collaboratively within their grade school team this creates an opportunity to engage in rich professional learning conversations about math content, pedagogy, and assessment norms.  Attention has been paid to align big ideas across grade levels where possible. This allows teachers to focus on designing high impact learning around big ideas and specific learning outcomes, paying careful attention to what comes before and after in terms of the big idea, and can encourage vertical collaboration within a division and school.

Please note that the * in the Grade level Math Overviews indicates that the outcome should be taught recursively throughout the year and is linked to many other big ideas in that grade.

The Math Overviews can be accessed through google sheets or in PDF printable view through the RVS Grade Level Math Toolkits or right here on RVS Making Numeracy Visible

*As the  RVS Suggested Year Overviews are a prototype for the 2020-2021 school year, these materials will be reviewed regularly and be reviewed RVS specialists and teachers.

*As the Scope & Sequence are a prototype for the 2020-2021 school year, the numeracy team welcomes your feedback. Let us what you like, what’s tricky, and what could make the Year Overviews better!