Nrich: How can I support early number sense and place value?

A short article by Liz Woodham and Jennie Pennant explaining how Div 1 teachers can support understanding of place vlaue including some great activities.

How Big is Big?

A blog post by Mark Chubb that discusses how to support students in conceptualizing really large and small numbers

Elementary and Middle School Mathematics

John Van De Walle (et al.) explore the big ideas of math and instructional strategies to help students deepen their conceptual understanding

Making Math Meaningful

Marian Small explains the big ideas of math and offers rich tasks to deep student undestanding of math concepts


Zoom through  well-known scales of the universe from minuscule elementary particles out to the gigantic cosmic web.

A visualization to make sense of the equal, greater than and less than symbols by Berekley Everett from mathvisuals.com

Graham Fletcher shows the progression of early number and counting. These are the first steps to understanding place value and magnitude. From gfletchy.comhttps://gfletchy.com/progression-videos/

Building fluency..

Tasks for reasoning…

Problems to solve…

Code Hundreds Square

Nrich.math.org‘s Coded Hundreds Square problem allows Div 1-3 students to explore the patterns within a hundreds chart. Our number system is a code, can you break it?

The Deca Tree

Nrich.math.org‘s Deca Tree problem helps students explore the base ten place value system. Suitable for Div 2-3 students