Pi Day 2020

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When: Pi Day (RVS will celebrate on Friday March 13th this year)

What: Students will recite digits of Pi.  A spreadsheet will be used to track the total digits recited by each participating school and the record holder for your school.

How: You will need one laptop connected to a projector in a central location. You will need one person recording digits recited into a spreadsheet, and one (or more) people listening/checking digits being recited.

Why: To give a place/space to celebrate math! Teachers who participated last year can attest to the excitement present at these events. It’s amazing hearing students cheering for math!

Contact: Trevor Armstrong (tarmstrong@rockyview.ab.ca) at W. H. Croxford to find out more and register your school ASAP no later than Wed March 11 2020. 

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