Jo Boaler explains what Number Talks are and why they are important

Sherri Parrish explains  Number Talk and discusses process

Ruth Parker and Cathy Humphries explain Number Talks

What happens when students make mistakes in a Number Talk?

Jo Boaler leads a dot card Number Talk with middle school students

Alberta Assessment Consortium video about math talks and community

Jo Boaler shares a Number Talk and discusses process

Jo Boaler’s explains how to represent 18 x 5 in a number talk both visually and symbolically

Classroom Resources…

Math Before Bed
A bank of images to transform numeracy discussions in your classroom and at home

Math for Love

A bank of images and number talks by Dan Finkel

Number Strings
Number Strings are a set of related math problems to help students develop conceptual understanding of math’s big ideas.

Fraction Talks
A bank of fraction image to encourage fraction talks in your class by Nat Banting

Splat! by Steve Wyborney
A  VERY POWERFUL, highly interactive number sense strategy that can be used at any grade level!