What experiences do we want our students to have with number facts? A short Youcubed Video

How can we use number bonds effectively to support understanding of part-whole relationships?

How can we use Concrete Pictorial Symbolic representations to develop automaticity with number bonds? Ban Har Yip explains

A video showing missing part flashcards. Read more about these by Donna Boucher

How can we support students to develop fact fluency? Christina Tondevold explans.

Broken Calculator
This simple broken calculator app encourages students to make numbers in different ways using four operations. It promotes flexible, efficient and accurate thinking.

Math Visuals
How do we represent math visually? This blog features short animations and representations to help students gain conceptual understanding of the big ideas in math

Number puzzles that promote fluency  through logical reasoning

Nrich Number Fluency Activities
Nrich suggests some fun and challenging activities to develop number fluency.

Solvemojis are puzzle involving all four operations. An engaging way for children to practice fluency skills but also requires kids to think, reasoning and communicate at a deeper level.

4 Numbers--24
How can you make 24 using only 4 numbers? This digital game encourages flexibility with the 4 operations

Splat! by Steve Wyborney
A  VERY POWERFUL, highly interactive number sense strategy that can be used at any grade level!

Math is Visual
How do you represent math concepts pictorially? Kyle Pearce shares animatations to conceptually explain math concepts.

Mathies Games
Mathies games are a mix of digital and printable resources that promote mathematical fluency above rote practice or memorization.

YouCubed Number Sense Tasks
Rich, engaging  number sense tasks with promote flexibility, accuracy and efficiency by Jo Boaler and the YouCubed team

Number Search
These number search puzzles help students build fluency by exploring visual part-whole relationships