RVS K- 8 Math Toolkits


The RVS Grade Level Math Toolkits have curated by the RVS Numeracy Specialists and Teachers to support math teachers to design high quality and impactful learning experiences for their students. The toolkits, which are housed in grade-specific Google Classrooms are also intended to be a place where teachers from across RVS can collaborate, develop and share resources, ideas, and inspiration for designing math around the big ideas of our program of studies.

The intention is that the Math Toolkits will be your one-stop-shop for designing engaging and effective student-centered math learning opportunities for all students.

The Toolkit Classrooms are also a place where RVS  teachers can share and connect with other teachers across the division. We welcome contributions and sharing from all teachers in the Toolkit Classrooms. Please post and share the numeracy learning that is going on in your class linked to grade-level big ideas and PoS outcomes in the stream or in the big idea galleries. Pleases share photos, links, ideas, successes/failures in the stream to inspire and connect with others.

All Toolkit materials can be accessed using the ‘Classwork” Tab

*The materials will be monitored and updated regularly throughout the school year and will continue to be shared and developed by RVS specialists and teachers.

*As the toolkits are a prototype for the 2020-2021 school year, the numeracy team welcomes your feedback. Let us what you like, what’s tricky, and what could make the toolkits better!

Each Toolkit  Includes:

    • RVS Suggested Year Overviews
      • linked to RTR outcomes and big ideas
    • Learn Alberta Planning Guides
      • Grade-specific big idea guidance
    • RVS Mastery Progression Documents
      • for assessment and learning design
    • High-quality grade-specific, vetted resources
      • linked to the Alberta Program of Studies & RVS  Framework
    • Planning and Design Tools
    • Professional Learning Resources
      • linked to effective instructional practices and the RVS Framework
    • instructional videos
      • modeling math concepts and impactful instructional routines
    • RVS Classroom Examples 
      • Real examples from RVS teachers for inspiration

Join an RVS Math Grade Level Toolkit

Click on the appropriate Google Classroom link below and enter the class code to join using your @rvschools.ab.ca Login.

K Toolkit

Class code: hsegcy6

Gr. 5 Toolkit

Class code: nkyqcvc

Gr. 1 Toolkit

Class code: 7imoime

Gr. 6 Toolkit

Class code: egzz4zv

Gr. 2 Toolkit

Class code: tld6uhe

Gr. 7 Toolkit

Class code: vaxbspd

Gr. 3 Toolkit

Class code: gbd5gch

Gr. 8 Toolkit

Class code: lhkjxze

Gr. 4 Toolkit

Class code: 5sici6j

Gr. 9 Toolkit

Coming Soon…