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As we navigate this uncharted time, it is important that we design literacy teaching and learning that matters to our students while simultaneously connecting to each other and continuing to build our learning community. Based on best practice and educational research, it is important to include the following literacy building blocks when designing your lessons and activities:  

  • Students, especially those in K-6, should be read to each day.  Listening to an adult model fluent reading and thinking about reading increases a student’s own fluency, expands vocabulary, builds background knowledge and deepens understanding of the author’s craft and comprehension of the text.  
  • Remember to continue to encourage independent student reading when possible. Reading volume and reading accurately matters for our students as we want to continue to grow confident, competent readers, inspire a joy for reading and build student reading stamina.  
  • Provide students the opportunity to have a choice and voice in what they are thinking about, reading, and writing. Regular writing experiences should be personally meaningful and authentic for the students.  
  • We want to provide our students with opportunities to engage in authentic conversations and in turn, receive thoughtful feedback from those with whom they have shared.  This provides a forum for students to think critically and talk about their own work and what matters to them to family, classmates and/ or teacher.  Be creative and access the many online tools and supports to facilitate these authentic conversations and discussions. 

The uncertainty of this time also provides us with age appropriate opportunities to use local and global topics, texts and other resources for authentic learning opportunities as well as  provide a positive outlet to share how students are thinking and feeling during this historic time. 

Learning in this new environment is not always going to go smoothly and that is ok.   We are all learning together. Moving forward continue to be brave, share your innovative thinking and please reach out for help when needed as we are here to support you.